We build our own wings around here.

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Artist of the Week: Lauren Aletta

  JG: I originally saw Lauren’s Connected & Free Oracle Cards in my Instagram feed and was instantly drawn into their lush images. Once I had the cards in my hands, there was an undeniable connection to their symbols and Lauren’s messages. I know this deck will be a powerful tool along my journey. Which is why I’m excited to… Read more →


Five Questions with Shasta Townsend

This week, our Five Questions are with Shasta Townsend, the author of Happy, Sexy, Shameless. 1. Your new book is “Happy, Sexy, Shameless,” Which sounds like a great mantra to me! What was the genesis of this idea like? How did you know this was a message you wanted to give the world?   It all started from my own… Read more →

Moss, by Laura Marjorie Miller.

Love List: Plant Spirits.

This week we love… Plants.  As snow melts, deep down roots are being watered. Soon, the white that snowblinds us with reflected light will be overcome by slip-sloppy mud, and then by… green. Spring can feel so far away that believing in its arrival seems an act of religious faith. Yet plants, growth, humidity, fresh oxygen, always return. Longing for… Read more →