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The Metropolitan Opera, NYC

Going to the Opera with My Mother.

We are the facilitators of our own creative evolution. ~ Bill Hicks Stirred and Shaken My mom loves opera. She’s loved it since her girlhood, listening to scratchy Caruso records on her mother’s well-worn turntable. Until recently, the only opera I’d seen was Gilbert and Sullivan. (Not opera, I know). Puccini? Not so much. Obscure Russian operas that are rarely produced? Definitely not.… Read more →


There Is a Table. ~ Doug Zeigler

  There is a table. It is not in any one location or any one time. It’s universal and timeless. It is accessible and ethereal. It can be any type of table; rich mahogany wood that spans as far as the eye can see. It can be a sleek matte black metal with a glass top. It can be a… Read more →

Photo: Pinterest

A Place for Me. ~ Neala Bhagwansingh

  A Place for Me To walk on wave-kissed sand tasting moonlight Dance through sunbeams with wild grass underfoot To listen as the bamboo whisper legends and ancient tree trunks foretell our stories   I will learn the travels of our rivers discover unseen colours of a rainbow I must make my own way across this Earth and become worthy… Read more →


The Planets Must Be Dancing Again.

  There is shifting and more shifting; unearthing, undoing, and becoming; speaking, never withholding, and practically shouting. I had to read in one of the many spiritual astrological sites I peruse on a daily basis that Mother Earth is getting ready to dance again in September, the final month of my own personal refreshment and rejuvenation prior to October and… Read more →


Artist of the Week: Saraswati J.

{ JG } Art for me has always been deeply enmeshed with my daily life and how I express myself as an individual. As best I can every day, I try to be inspired by what’s around me, making my whole life a devoted practice to cultivating my creative energy and sharing this with others. I love meeting other artists… Read more →


Monty’s Letter. ~ September 1, 2014

    “If you’re making mistakes, it means you’re out there doing something.” ~ Neil Gamain   There’s a funny thing about mistakes. We try to avoid them. Or we try to avoid them hurting us, embarrassing us. The truth is that our mistakes are a gift. Some of the most amazing discoveries were born of mistakes. Penicillin was discovered… Read more →


Kindred Souls.

“We are here to encourage each other: Be a light. Be a change-agent. Be a voice in the darkness that leads someone else home.” Read more →