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Running Toward the Roar.

    Our deepest fears are like dragons guarding our deepest treasure. ~ Rainer Maria Rilke Heading Into the Darkness. October is the month where we start our descent into darkness each year.  For some of us, the darkness and mystery may seem frightening.  The shadows may contain wildness, ghosts, even nightmares.  What will we find as we begin our… Read more →

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Love List: October 17th 2014.

This week we love…   The magic of slowing down.   Last week on my trip to New Orleans, I started thinking about how fast we do everything. Maybe it was the long walks in the Southern heat; maybe it was the ubiquitous street musicians, but I started thinking about how so many of us put in our time and… Read more →

Everyday Sacred 2

Everyday Sacred {#2}

“The heart is like a mirror. When we dust it off, we are able to see ourselves. The dust is all our stuff – guilt, anger – this stuff is reflected back to us. Practice removes the dust from the mirror of our hearts.” ~ Krishna Das What’s a Sadhana?! The word “Sadhana” is a Sanskrit term literally translating to… Read more →


Me, Myself and I. ~ Saskia Coté

  Since I started working on myself, or my healing path, I have heard this phrase over and over, and I am sure we have all heard it many times: “you just need to love yourself.” But what does that mean? Are you saying I don’t love myself? Should I look at myself in the mirror and say out loud:… Read more →

Heart Explosions

A Divine Fragrance.

    Poetry is in the forgetting, as you tuck a single bay laurel leaf in your pocket, and find it a few days later the divine fragrance of a leaf twisted open in the wash cycle, and toasted in the dryer, so your cargo pants carry the scent, pocketing the memories for you, as you fold them up, tucking… Read more →


Experiences, Not Stuff: When You Close One Door, Another Opens.

    “Buy experiences, not things. Spending on experiences makes people happier than spending on things. Things get broken and go out of style. Experiences get better every time you talk about them.” ~ Jean Chatzky The Unraveling. So much is unsettled right now. So much is unbound and unclear and uncertain. At night, I am restless and dreaming of… Read more →