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Love List: Poetry & Prose.

The amazing poetry and prose our writer friends are creating!

In celebration of National Poetry Month, here are a few wonderful selections from Be You Media Group’s writers and friends:

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Artist of the Week: Darcey Blue

  I am Darcey Blue – Herbalist, Devotee of Wildness, and Shamana Flora. The Plants are my greatest allies and teachers, the Earth my sanctuary, and Sacred Wildness my purpose. I see my life work with the plants as an ever-evolving process of personal and spiritual growth, and co- creation with the sacred energy in the plants, and all of… Read more →


A New Place to Dream.

Life is a spiral, with one circle ending and another simultaneously beginning; layering and weaving thick histories and memories that ultimately makeup our very personal stories. Read more →


25 Effortless Ways To Demonstrate Kindness. ~ Laura Grace Weldon

    Kindness can be simple, even effortless.   Consider one of the following: 1. Take your compliments about an employee to management. Chances are you’ll never see the impact. Chances are, it’ll be greater than you imagine. 2. Give up a great parking space for the car behind you. Parking farther away simply gives you more exercise. 3. Call… Read more →


Art Is for the Now.

    Van Gogh never made it out alive: his brush strokes of radiance consumed by us, now, were brush strokes he kept sweeping across the canvas and he’ll never know the way his beauty has sold, and I wonder about the madness to be an artist, creating without compensation, and yet after death all your beauty, all your intense… Read more →