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Artist of the Week: Mick and Pamela McDonough

Random Cosmic Collisions I met my wife and soul-mate Pamela late in the fall of ‘79 in Kodiak, Alaska. Looking back and connecting the dots, clearly the universe had a plan for us. I was working as a commercial fisherman in Alaska and Pamela had moved there from Eugene, Oregon. In the late Spring of ‘79 having just wrapped up… Read more →


A Curiosity Revival.

Ah, the beauty of new beginnings and exciting changes all around, the freshness that marks a new footprint or legacy waiting to hatch. It reminds me of the very young. If we were to observe a child all day long-their mannerisms and their habits-it would retrieve our innocent hearts and pull us out of any funk for that moment. Young… Read more →


There Are Only Mothers.

She looked in the mirror and saw rage on her face. It so severely disturbed her. Contorted mouth and lit-up eyes. There’s something so beautiful, fragile and crucial about being a mother. She feels how her breath has caught in her upper chest rather than slowly trickling down into her belly, the way her yogic practice has taught her to relax.… Read more →

lights halo

The Want of Words. ~ Dana Gornall

  I’m looking for my words. Always present, always floating around in my head and heart; lately they have burrowed down into the deeper parts of my mind, poking and teasing me. I can sense them. I wonder if they will come back or leave me here empty with an unrequited ache to spill what I feel on the page. The blank screen is… Read more →


Crystal Energy is Pure Magic.

  I have discovered a new hobby that has completely transcended my heart and chakra energy into other dimensions. With new beginnings grasping all that I am and all that I have come to in this lifetime, the magic of crystals and gemstones captivate all of my senses into healing and loving and growth. My subconscious always had a penchant… Read more →