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Charles Guitar

Artist of the Week: Charles C. Fields

  This week’s artist, Charles C. Fields, plays with multiple artforms, so we decided to let him talk about it himself:         Thanks, Charles!   Bonus: Charles’ most recent single, which is a part of a multimedia collaborative project, titled: “The Artist”:   You can connect with Charles and find out more about his work by emailing… Read more →


How to Ground Yourself and Disconnect from Crazy. ~ Tamara Star

Are you wondering what the hell is going on lately? I’m betting you know exactly what I’m talking about…. This world feels intense. It’s always been intense, but lately there is an out of control feeling that everyone is feeling. Couples are fighting, many are freaking out over money, and fear seems to be everywhere. Let’s face it: volatility is up, and… Read more →

Toko-Pa Home

Artist of the Week: Toko-pa Turner

  JG: Thank you so much Toko-pa for taking the time to chat with me. I’ve always been fascinated with Jungian psychology and dreamwork, so coming across your Facebook page and site some years ago was such a delight. The work you do and share has definitely inspired me. JG: I’m always curious to find out how we all begin… Read more →

bio pic

Artist of the Week: Isabel Abbott

  What I do: I am a map making pilgrim and a writer.  A living room dancer and an activist. A baker of pies and a lover of learning. A feminist and freedom seeker.  And artist of embodiment and salt water, adaptation and liberation. In some ways I am, I suppose, fascinated with edges and in-betweens, the chaotic contradictions and… Read more →


Love List: Finding Renewal in the Stillness

This week we’re loving… The renewal that can be found when we take the time to be still and rest.   In the northern hemisphere, February is that kind of restless month where everything in nature is still sleeping away, while most of us are pining for the brighter snow-less days of Spring to come.   Imbolc, the Celtic holiday… Read more →