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An Artist’s Melange of Chaos.

  I’ve got my artist’s melange of chaos scattered around my room. That’s okay, I tell myself. I’ve got an artist’s mess in my mind, trying to decide the ways to form my words into a ball of energy for sharing. That’s okay. I’ve got my artist’s paint stained yoga mat (from those moments when I preferred leaning over a… Read more →

Arctic Hare Contemplating the Moonrise, Chukotka, Siberia ~ Ivan Kislov

Love List: Yule.

This week we love… YULE. Yule, the Winter Solstice, has a purity about it: a pristine quality of cold air, white snowy woods, evergreen trees, or a candle in the long deep darkness before the Sun comes up. It is a pointed contrast to the crowded, jostling, motley commercialism of Christmas, which is kind of a revved-up version of Yule. While… Read more →


Scattered Hearts.

I have hearts scattered all over the world. One of my dearest hearts is in Sweden, another in Philadelphia, one in Connecticut and my own mirror-image half (my identical twin sister) in a different part of Ohio. I have a few scattered locally across the town where I live too—special souls who I don’t get to visit with often enough. But,… Read more →


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

“Your life has a purpose as long as you dedicate it to love. It’s not what we do but who we are that forms our biggest contribution.” ~ Marianne Williamson Between now and December 21 (the winter solstice) we have a chance to reconnect and recharge and celebrate the darkest days of the year. We remember our pagan roots as we… Read more →


Peace: An Unfiltered Message of Hope.

Somewhere out in this big beautiful world of ours there are hordes of people gathered for ceremonial blessings of calmness and light. Somewhere in the darkest corners of nations, individuals are sitting in silence and prayer. Somewhere around the perimeters of organized religions and spiritual sessions, a single person is putting their hands together and bowing their head for a… Read more →


Love List: Books for Writers

  This week we’re loving the books that fuel our writing, the words of inspiration that encourage us along the writer’s bumpy road. Here’s a selection of just a handful of our favorites. Do you have a book that has brought you back from the depths of writer’s block? Or a book that inspires you to dive into that blank… Read more →


Training. ~ Sam Dillon

Training   while we were being trained how to restrain psychotic patients on the floor   one of the instructors said “they always yell ‘I can’t breathe’ to get you to stop holding them”   “trust me, I was a cop, if they can scream and yell, they can breathe.”   I heard this sentiment repeated around the hospital every… Read more →


Artist of the Week: Laura Bock.

      BYMG: How did you get started?   LB: I’ve always had art in my blood. I majored in art in college, before dropping out due to life intervening. Since then, I’ve always found myself creating art in some form, whether it was photography, drawing, painting or the written word. The photos that are featured on my canvases… Read more →


The Mania of the New Mother’s Careful, Jenga-Built Life.

I realized that my life right now is like a ginormous game of Jenga. Let’s be clear—I don’t play Jenga. Still, I envision the way that the wooden pieces are set together in a looming, grand tower and they feel stable—almost. But then, one piece is just slightly nudged—just bumped—and everything topples over. Having a new baby in the family… Read more →


What is GDGD Radio?

We at Be You Media Group are proud to share what our friends at Green Diva Radio have been working on this year: Already a well-branded go-to source for people in search of fresh ideas for sustainable living, The Green Divas is on a mission to expand our platform—and amplify the collective green and healthy voice by streaming a variety… Read more →


Monty’s Letter: December 1st, 2014

    There’s a thing all of those lists of productivity habits always forget to mention. You know, we all love to read them. 10 things all successful people do. Top eight habits of highly productive people. Top tips for best-selling authors. My most notable article to date was built on the premise of mocking our need to see what’s… Read more →