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Artist of the Week: Mindy Tsonas

“Be You… And trust your Inner Alchemy”   JG: Seeing artists work from their heart, and offer their gifts and perspective to the world, inspires me tremendously on my own creative path. This week I’m excited to re-introduce Mindy Tsonas, this time as Be You’s Artist of the Week. Our very own editor-in-chief Kate Bartolotta participated in one of Mindy’s… Read more →


Funky Fall Playlist, 2014 Edition. ~ Bronwyn Petry

  Today it really feels like autumn is here. All of a sudden, it’s moved in for real—the sunlight is slowly turning the colour of bone; the leaves are starting to curl up and turn and there are gourds piled high on all the fruit and vegetable stands in my neighbourhood. This year I’ve been really wistful about watching the… Read more →

The Metropolitan Opera, NYC

Going to the Opera with My Mother.

We are the facilitators of our own creative evolution. ~ Bill Hicks Stirred and Shaken My mom loves opera. She’s loved it since her girlhood, listening to scratchy Caruso records on her mother’s well-worn turntable. Until recently, the only opera I’d seen was Gilbert and Sullivan. (Not opera, I know). Puccini? Not so much. Obscure Russian operas that are rarely produced? Definitely not.… Read more →


There Is a Table. ~ Doug Zeigler

  There is a table. It is not in any one location or any one time. It’s universal and timeless. It is accessible and ethereal. It can be any type of table; rich mahogany wood that spans as far as the eye can see. It can be a sleek matte black metal with a glass top. It can be a… Read more →

Photo: Pinterest

A Place for Me. ~ Neala Bhagwansingh

  A Place for Me To walk on wave-kissed sand tasting moonlight Dance through sunbeams with wild grass underfoot To listen as the bamboo whisper legends and ancient tree trunks foretell our stories   I will learn the travels of our rivers discover unseen colours of a rainbow I must make my own way across this Earth and become worthy… Read more →