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Love List: Movie Night.

With winter in full swing, often we find ourselves surrounded by passivity—movement slows and listlessness takes hold. The need to hunker down and stave off the cold becomes more part of the day. As we seek more time near the furnace and less time in nature, sometimes the winter blahs can sneak in too. Those blahs love to bump out one’s… Read more →


Why I Fell in Love with His Smile Lines.

We were sitting at the dinner table when I first noticed the fine lines around his eyes. I noticed how they splayed from the outer corner, up to his eyebrows and down to the upper-most part of his cheeks. I felt the tears spring to my own eyes. I counted them: one, two, three, four, five (like my daughter counting… Read more →


Artist of the Week: Cameron Gray

JG: Thank you Cameron for taking the time to talk about your work with me. Your art and ethereal “beyond this world” visions are definitely inspirations on my own artistic journey.   JG: So let’s begin at the beginning. I love that you have ventured in so many different art forms from photography to graphic design and painting to jewelry… Read more →


Dancing with the Waves.

  You know, some of us are waves, salt water caressing sea stacks in our sweet tides or on those full moon nights we reflect your boldness lift our skirts let our lacy silk slips drape along the shore line. We stir up the sand pulling under your toes until you are caught up in our salty dance, almost a… Read more →


Apropos of Everything: The Christmas Episode.

    On this week’s podcast, Kate and Bronwyn discuss all the trappings of the Christmas season. Topics included Christmas movies (Die Hard, Elf, Scrooged and a scary documentary about Santas), scary clowns, the Elf on the Shelf, belief in Santa Claus, Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas, gift giving, favorite holiday traditions and foods, Festivus and the airing of grievances:… Read more →