We build our own wings around here.

Be You Media Group is an online space for writers, artists, actors, dancers, music makers, dreamers, and all those who view their lives as an act of creation. Come hang out... We'll help you find your wings.


Artist of the Week: Saraswati J.

{ JG } Art for me has always been deeply enmeshed with my daily life and how I express myself as an individual. As best I can every day, I try to be inspired by what’s around me, making my whole life a devoted practice to cultivating my creative energy and sharing this with others. I love meeting other artists… Read more →


Monty’s Letter. ~ September 1, 2014

    “If you’re making mistakes, it means you’re out there doing something.” ~ Neil Gamain   There’s a funny thing about mistakes. We try to avoid them. Or we try to avoid them hurting us, embarrassing us. The truth is that our mistakes are a gift. Some of the most amazing discoveries were born of mistakes. Penicillin was discovered… Read more →


Kindred Souls.

“We are here to encourage each other: Be a light. Be a change-agent. Be a voice in the darkness that leads someone else home.” Read more →


Artist of the Week: Sassy Delure.

Sassy Delure ” The Versatile Vixen with Sass, Class and a whole lot of Pizazz!” BYM: How did you get started? After graduating from Cornish College of The Arts with a B.F.A in Dance my first job was working in a Vegas style night club that had showgirl dances. This was my first introduction to these stylized short showy dances… Read more →

Post-Ophelia. Photograph by Laura Marjorie Miller.

Be You Book Review: Songs for Ophelia, by Theodora Goss.

Ask courage of the clockwork bird and follow where it tells you, the talking bird that maps the long brown road to heart’s desire. Pass by the groaning forests, and boars that speak in parables, and stop your ears as you approach the taunting realms of fire. ~ ‘Fairy Tale’   Theodora Goss’s collection of poetry Songs for Ophelia opens… Read more →

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Letting Spirit Drive the Car.

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” ~ Woody Allen Large and in Charge I believe each one of us has Spirit (God, Goddess, or Higher Power—whatever term works for you) on speed dial. By that I mean we have direct access to the divine wisdom we need to live our lives, unravel our problems, work on… Read more →