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A Morning Prayer of Gratitude.

I was reading to my daughter in bed last night. Looking out the window, the green of the trees contrasted the grey sky, seeming ethereal. The yellow walls were both cheerful and soothing. I could have stayed there—next to her—forever, if I couldn’t also hear the baby cry, and if it wasn’t my tenth wedding anniversary, with waiting wine and husband.… Read more →


Love List: Dandelion Wishes

This week we love… Seeing the magic in the ordinary. Instead of seeing a dandelion as a weed, we can see a wish waiting to be made. “Wish on everything. Pink cars are good, especially old ones. And stars of course, first stars and shooting stars. Planes will do if they are the first light in the sky and look… Read more →


Why Writers Shouldn’t Write Every Story.

  I’ve long called my writing genre “stay-at-home yogi.” This isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy sharing random musings, or writing for various media outlets where I find that it’s best to share these said random musings. But. But I’m here to offer today that, as writers, we should have an intention for our blogging. This was recently made… Read more →

Peque-peque, Rio Nanay.

Love List: Waterways.

This week we love…     Fresh Water. On an elemental level, our local fresh water source is who we are: not only the water we drink from our tap, but that which we breathe through the humidity in the air, and absorb into our bloodstream through our skin when we wash. Yet how well do we really know the native water… Read more →


Love List: Celebrating Mom.

Moms are the thread that stitch and hold together the fabric of family life. They’re the rocks that sit steady despite the rushing current. They’re the mainstays. Read more →