Elephant in the Room. {Sestina}

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rainy day

An elephant’s foot has crushed it. The earth, deflated.

Where were you? The shadow of the coming

Destruction a precursor but not a warning.

You could have called out. You could have said

Something. “Where was I?” I hear you ask

In soft response. Looking for you my love.


Running, running, running through blue grass love,

I tripped upon a star. The luminance deflated

Leaving me grey. “Had I done all I could?” I ask.

And the world offered no response. Until coming

Closer it whispered in my ear. Once the word was said

I knew you were gone. You should have offered warning.


Alone and grey and cold; I shout warning

To the trees. All that you hold dear, all that you love,

Leaves. Birds responded with sweet song, lies they said.

In their chirps, a glimpse of hope to help a heart deflated.

In their exit, a true despair. I knew you were no longer coming.

For what did I have left to ask?


For whom did I have left to ask?

A downward pressure of air, the creaking warning

Of breaking treetops. This is how you sound coming,

Before it all goes dark. I screamed to you my love,

But silence is a package. My lungs collapsed, deflated.

If I could have heard you, I know what you’d have said


To me. You’d have said,

Be strong I am there with you. Just ask

And in the darkness my likeness will leave the grey deflated.

Lies, I would have screamed. Lies. Offering you warning

In return. Offering you the truth. You see love

Is not powerful to everything. The proof is your not coming.


Why now do you cry? The end has brought us together. Our coming

Future, light from the dark. I told you. This I said,

out loud. Through destruction will come love.

Accept. Don’t ask.

Our love came once without warning.

The world may be, but our dreams go un-deflated.


Why do you say this? Why say it now? A deflated

life is not a deflated love. Believe me I ask.


(Previously appeared in The Penwood Review)



Shane in forest-ele journalShane is a manifestation of past actions. In this revolution he’s: traveled the world; dropped-out of law school, seminary, and an MFA; focusing instead on art, writing, and somatics.


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