What Is Inspiration Worth?

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About a month ago, I had a fascinating conversation with a friend about the idea of “worth.”

I was talking about writing and how it’s wonderful to know when our writing impacts people, but that it often doesn’t pay very well. As a society (in the U.S.) it’s very telling when you look at what we are willing to spend money on—and what we’re not.

We spend $325.8 billion a year on prescription drugs.

We spend $210 billion a year on fast food.

(We spend $32 billion on books.)

While it’s great that people are still buying books, what do these numbers say about our future? If we don’t value things that inspire us to make the world a better place, that light fires within us, that drive us to create ourselves, what do we have to look forward to? And is most of what we do buy comes from large corporate media sources, what happens to independent media and artists?

When you buy art, or go to a play, buy a book or pay to download a song, you aren’t just buying entertainment. You are contributing to the future. You are putting a little bit of energy back into what helps keep that artist’s life going. You are saying, this inspired you enough to deem it of value, and you are keeping the fire of creativity going.

When you pay for what inspires you, you are enabling that creative person to keep creating, and in turn allowing them to continue to inspire others:




Our long range goal at Be You Media Group is to support and promote the projects of independent writers and artists. In order to do that—to keep this going, to assist writers in their self-publishing projects, to help them connect with each other and the resources we need—we have to start valuing art with more than just our “likes” on Facebook.


If what we’re doing inspires you, create something of your own, and submit it so we can share it with our readers and help connect you to a new audience.

And whatever you do, even on days where you get partially eaten by a boa constrictor, Make Good Art:

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