Sometimes When I Awaken Her. ~ Thomas Detras

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Photo via Pinterest
Photo via Pinterest

Sometimes when I awaken her from a long sleep, she will give me that distant stare that is sadly becoming more and more familiar.

“Are you my husband?” she asks.

“Yes, Honey. For forty-six years,” I say with a smile to allay the panic she must be feeling.

“Wow! I guess I did good for myself,” is her heart-binding and heartbreaking reply that will fuel the day ahead.

Only a malady such as the one that burdens her could produce such a genuine gem of love.

Together we laugh through our fear.


Thomas Detras bio picThomas Detras is a former corporate executive enjoying the slower pace of life that retirement has to offer with his bride of 46 years. He counts his good fortune to have his son and daughter live nearby where he can stir debate in current events and enjoy his two grandchildren. At the well-intentioned, albeit possibly misguided, bidding of his daughter, he has redirected his technical and business writing skills into storytelling to fend off the temptation to listen to his bones rust while watching ballgames and reruns of Matlock.

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