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There lies with-in each of us a question: vignettes of curiosity. In the release, the asking, we expel into the world a little pieces of ourselves; a puzzle of human thought. It is this puzzle that the studio of blueblackred wishes to work, but first must come the pieces.


I need your questions: the long, the short, the complex, the simple, the ones you’ve been afraid to ask, and/or the ones you’re waiting to ask. These questions, recorded in your voice, will be the medium for a grand work of sound art.

Participation is simple: record your question in mp3 format—how to do this will be explained below—and message the file to the studio via the Facebook page. Your name will never be associated with any individual question and protecting participant’s privacy will always be of utmost importance.

Thousands of questions are required for the imagined piece, so please feel free to share this call with anyone you think may be interested in participating.

The final product, quite large in scale, will seek gallery outlets but will be featured, in snippets, here at Be You Media and at blueblackred’s website.

If you already have a way of recording short MP3’s please feel free to use it,  just be sure your file is as short as it can be. If you need a way too record MP3’s try Audacity; it’s pretty simple to maneuver around—especially for something like this. In case you’d like a quick tutorial in using Audacity, Cloudy Day Art has a wonderful short video that will walk you through doing a short recording:”How to record using Audacity”.  It’s also been suggested that is an option; though I only found it to work in Chrome and not Firefox. Once you have your question recorded, message it, as an attachment, to blueblackblue via the facebook page.

Many thanks to ALL who participate!


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