Love List: Spring in April.

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Happy April!

“It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.”
~ Rainer Maria Rilke

As we continue to celebrate the arrival of spring here in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re getting out and enjoying the increasing sunlight but also reflecting on what the season ahead might hold. This week we’re loving:

Helping along our feathered friends


Love Birds? We do. Spring, as much as it’s filled so full of life, can be a dangerous time for migrating birds returning home after a winter away. Here are 10 ways we can help them this spring for a safer arrival. Consider yourself a bird lover? Read all the way down for a bonus video.

New Moon reflections


Mystic Mamma is always bringing it with her astral insights, and the new Moon in Aries on March 30th brought a message of collective rebirth and how we each play our own part in this shift by trusting our own unique expressions. Check it out here.

New Moons are also about teaching us the value of darkness and trusting in the things unseen. Moving with the cycles and flow instead of struggling again it. We hold our own answers, within us, they sometimes just need time to become apparent to us.

Inside the medicine bowl ~ Jenn Grosso

Bonus Moon Love, this Moon Phases download/print ready wall calendar on Etsy.

The #LoveHard movement from Fivefold



From Matt Benne, of Fivefold Band

Life is bigger than the items we possess. Life is more than waking up and surviving. We’ve gone through a lot over the years. We’ve lost close friends, we’ve lost family.But through this we’ve learned that life continues on. That love can take us from the darkest places in the world. We see a possibility to connect. We see an opportunity to reach out. Because we are not alone. Deep inside every person is something screaming for the light of day. Some of us know it, and others have grown to overlook it. Let’s be happy. Let’s come together.

Here is what you can do to be a part of this:

1. Use the hash tag —#lovehard—to show the light in a dark situation. When you feel like reaching out and helping someone, throw it on there.

2. Understand that it’s not a trend, that it’s a way of life. Lead by example and spread the word.

3. Find yourself and own it. Recognize that you are the only one who can bring yourself love and happiness. It’s more of a decision to do that than you realize.




What do you love this week?





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