Monty’s Letter: May 1, 2014.

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This past month, I completed two large projects that were a long time in the making.

And then…stopped. Stopped moving forward. Stopped going out as much. Stopped writing as often. Just…stopped.

When we have endured a long winter, we get used to feeling frozen. We begin to accept this. We get in the habit of hibernation. We close off, because it is the safest course of action.

But then, there will come a day when we realize, winter has ended and we are faced with a choice:

Will we say “yes” to what is bursting forth and opening up to us in life, or will we stay in this winter mode and decline?

As I wrestled around and around with this month’s letter,  I received some offhand but important advice from a friend: “Say yes to everything.” And there is the logical, reasonable mind that immediately crops up and says, “That’s all well and good and carpe diem, yolo, etc. etc. but I can’t really say yes to everything.” Can I?

When we say yes to what is placed in front of us, it isn’t the ending; it’s the beginning. When I look at what the day holds, when I wrestle with what comes next in so many areas of life, sometimes the yes feels too frightening, too final. But here is the key: yes is how we welcome spring, leave winter behind and set out on our new adventure. Sometimes we hesitate, we try to stay in that liminal space indefinitely; the “yes” does not determine our destination, but serves to get us out the door.

When we’ve had our time to rest and restore, to grow and gather our energy, there comes a point when we need to take that forward spring momentum and say yes—to everything.


May you say a hearty yes to your adventure!

With love,
Kate Bartolotta, editor-in-chief
May 1, 2014

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