Queen of the Outlaws: Carolyn Elliott.

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Last week, I talked with the magical and amazing Carolyn Elliott.

Over the past few months, Carolyn’s name and work kept cropping up for me in different places. From her articles on Rebelle Society, to her Facebook group The Dreamer’s Tantra, I found this synchronicity happening over and over, until one day Carolyn posted on Facebook about her Get: Big program…and I knew I had to chat with her one on one.

Carolyn shared with me how (as for many of us) it was a time in her life that was difficult and intense, a “dark night of the soul,” that made her realize being less than vulnerable was no longer an option. As she dug into this concept in her own life, it ultimately led to her wanting to share these tools with others. Her Outlaw Court is a refuge for those who are “beyond the point of no return” in terms of embracing life in a way that doesn’t fit the status quo or the traditional 9 – 5.

A few things I learned from Carolyn during our talk:

1. “It is possible to grow your audience through vulnerability.” And not just sharing a little, but vulnerability to the extent that it’s uncomfortable. This resonates with me as well. When we open up and get naked with each other, not only do we skip all that wasted time that comes with phoniness, but we naturally attract people and situations that are an authentic match.

2. To go deep and get big in our lives, we must look at our shame and fear, first. Can I get an amen? How many of us have had parts of ourselves that we hid or felt ashamed about, and later realized they were huge gifts? A big part of Carolyn’s one-on-one coaching involves working through this shame and fear so that we may expand into the world without compromise.

3. “When we are magic, we still have to learn to wield it.” I know there are many days I just want to create amazing things, write all my words, paint pictures, dream dreams and have it all come together on its own. For so many of us, bridging that gap from our skills and intentions to our actions and a sustainable income is incredibly hard! If this sounds like you, check in with Carolyn, or check out her newsletter for more information.


Carolyn Elliott


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