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This week we love…


Wow, what an intense week! Most everyone I speak to has shared that sentiment. Whether it’s Mercury Retrograde, the full moon, the shift towards summer or our own personal time tables, it’s an intense time for many of us. Not bad, per se, but large, loud and full of energy that might be tough to sort out at first glance. The trouble for many creative people is that we aren’t quite ready to slow down when we meet with times like this. We want to make, do, create, give…. We forget that just being and making space to receive is an important thing to do as well.

Last October, I wrote a piece near the supermoon, and I revisit it often to remind myself that as much as I love to go and do and be excited, that is only a part of the puzzle. We cannot create anything without the space before. We cannot be continuously inspired unless we take time and space to breathe. Without rests, music is just endless noise.

If this is an intense time for you, take space to allow things shift from noise to a beautiful melody.

(And take a few minutes to howl at that gorgeous Honey moon tonight.)


Full Honey Moon


Tonight’s full moon is special, and the first of it’s kind in 100 years. For the full story, check out this article.


Mythic Elixirs


After many years of making skin care products for myself and friends, last week, I launched an Etsy shop! The Mythic Elixir oil is a combination product to cleanse, moisturize and treat the skin. If you are curious about how oil cleansing works, check out this podcast and demo video where I explain the process to Meg at Green Divas Radio.


Rainy Day Chandra Namaskar (Moon Salutations)

In Ashtanga yoga, traditionally, moon days (full and new moons) are a day off of physical practice. While this might seem a little “out there” to the average Western thinker, consider this: Our bodies are 75% water. If the moon affects the tides, are we really so arrogant to think it cannot affect us? Food for thought, and music for a slowed-down practice to allow that space we were talking about.


Turmeric Almond Milk


As sunset shifts later and later, it’s helpful to add something calming to the nighttime routine. Summer makes us crave all things sweet and cool, and our bodies need sweet and cool tastes (though not in the form of non-stop ice cream!). It’s still helpful in this time of transition from spring to summer to have something calm and soothing at the end of the day, to signal to our bodies that it’s time to rest. My favorite lately has been making turmeric almond milk (with a non-dairy take on this recipe from Katie Silcox…whose site I LOVE!). What are your nighttime routines? Do they shift with the seasons?


What do you love this week?





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