Journey of the Heart: New Anthology of Women’s Spiritual Poetry.

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Collaboration is a beautiful, sometimes difficult, often delicate dance.

We at Be You are thrilled to see the fruits of this magnificent collaboration of women’s spiritual poetry, hosted and edited by Catherine Ghosh.


“During the course of a woman’s life, her relationship with her own voice will naturally go though many transformations. As a reflection of her state of being, a woman’s words carry with them the power to change her experience of herself. Words can uplift us or deflate us. Like the moon’s phases, our voices will wax and wane, appear and disappear across the ever-changing landscapes of our lives, as we cultivate an awareness of our own inner beauty, power and wisdom. For only a thin thread connects the confidence we invest in our voices, with the value we give ourselves. In exercising our individual expressive energy through composing poetry, independently of evaluating the literary quality of the poems themselves, we honor the collective, feminine voice worldwide, as it finds its strength more and more.” ~ Catherine Ghosh


Journey of the Heart releases on August 10th 2014 through Balboa Publishing.





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