Kindred Souls.

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“Love consists in this, that two solitudes protect and touch and greet each other.” ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

Bird by bird. 

What exactly is a kindred spirit?

Birds of a feather?  The yin to our yang?

In a word, yes.

Have you ever met someone—someone whom you immediately felt a familiar tug—a shock of recognition the first time you saw them? Have you sat across the table from them laughing easily and openly within hours of meeting them, certain your souls bonded in a previous lifetime, as ridiculous as that might sound to some people? (I believe in reincarnation, so it seems absolutely plausible to me.)

These days, finding a kindred soul—or more than one—is crucial. It is a means of surviving the onslaught of changes currently swallowing the world.

My ‘kin’ help me unpack my experiences. They are the ones with whom I am my most secret self.

Right now, we desperately need our team – whether human, animal, or angel. We need that rare band of brothers and sisters who feel like family the moment we meet.

Friends are the family we choose.

As an introvert and an empath it is particularly important that I have a few well- chosen souls to feather my nest.

I don’t have (and I don’t need) a large number of friends.

What I need is a few I can count on.

And that, I have.

I am rich with close kin: family I have chosen, family I was born into, and more family I’ve gathered along the way.

Kindred spirits.

Those for whom I feel affinity cause my blood to burn and my bones to stretch. It is those profound souls who are kindred to me.

We are each dazzling light workers here to help each other walk our authentic path through life.

We are here to encourage each other: Be a light. Be a change-agent. Be a voice in the darkness that leads someone else home.

We all need kindred spirits to help us find our way.

We all need those souls whose kindness helps us navigate these black nights. We live for those whose assurances help us see ourselves not as we are, but as all we can be.

shavawnShavawn M. Berry’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Huffington Post, elephant journal, Journey of the Heart: Women’s Spiritual Poetry, Olentangy Review, Black Fox Literary Magazine, Vagina – The Zine, Rebelle Society, The Cancer Poetry Project 2, Kinema Poetics, Kalliope, Poet Lore, Westview – A Journal of Western Oklahoma, Meridian Anthology of Contemporary Poetry, Concho River Review, North Atlantic Review, Synapse, Living Buddhism, Blue Mountain Arts/SPS, and Poetry Seattle. Her technique essay on the dramatic monologue/persona poem is featured in a poetry database published in 2013 by Ebsco Publishing. In 1998, she received her MPW in Professional Writing from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles where she specialized in Creative Nonfiction and Memoir.

Ms. Berry teaches writing at Arizona State University where she just completed a 2013 Lincoln Ethics Teaching Fellowship. You can follow her on Facebook or read more of her work on her blog. A portfolio featuring a selection of her essays, blog postings, and prose is available at



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