A Place for Me. ~ Neala Bhagwansingh

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Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

A Place for Me

To walk on wave-kissed sand tasting moonlight

Dance through sunbeams with wild grass underfoot

To listen as the bamboo whisper legends

and ancient tree trunks foretell our stories


I will learn the travels of our rivers

discover unseen colours of a rainbow

I must make my own way across this Earth

and become worthy of the secrets of her oceans


I’ll be damned if I curl up in a shell

close myself off so life’s out of reach

I am too wild, too loud, too much, too all

to settle for being less than free.



nealaNeala writes to understand the nature of light and shadow in her surroundings, herself and in others. Scribbling her stories from the tiny island of Trinidad in the Caribbean, her poetry, fiction and articles reflect what she loves about life in all its beautiful complexities. Connect with her on twitter: @NealaLuna and her blog.




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