A Divine Fragrance.

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Heart Explosions


Poetry is in the forgetting,
as you tuck a single bay laurel leaf in your pocket,
and find it a few days later
the divine fragrance of a leaf twisted open in the wash cycle,
and toasted in the dryer,
so your cargo pants carry the scent,
pocketing the memories for you,
as you fold them up,
tucking them on the top shelf of the closet
for a cooler day to come,

as summer holds steady
even as sunset falls earlier
beaconing us to bed and books,
stories to unlearn
in between the sheets,
in between our dreams
that are as vivid
as paint splattered on canvas
with wild arm moments
as if the artist danced while painting
as jazz played in the background,
a lovely conversation
embraced by long pauses,
so that the meanings
mean more than they mean,
just as we superimpose dotted lines between stars,
creating constellations,
and naming them after bears or Orion the hunter
because we can see the connections
that guide us in our dreams
as you try to recall the images,

opening one eye,
letting the morning light in,
golden, almost white like a blank canvas,
as you roll over, and out of the covers,
reaching for the robe hanging in the closet
and you pause,

catch the faint scent,
a divine fragrance
in the poetry of the forgetting.




JesWrightJes Wright loves being barefoot, taking deep breaths of orange blossoms while doing yoga,  and finds nature in even the most urban spaces. She is an adventurer, enjoying the acts of painting, writing and playful mindfulness in her mostly uncharted journey between northern California and upstate New York, and back again. Jes holds an MA in Individualized Studies (Creative Nonfiction) from Goddard College where she learned the power of Transformative Language Arts. Currently, she’s working on a novel, a poetry chapbook, and being an ever present diplomat for those with Asperger’s. Her writing may be found at elephant journal and on Facebook. 




Image: Be You Media Archives

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