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Rose petals floating in red wine,
evening breeze whispers a hint of a wind chime,
we sit together, but apart,
sharing our day’s lesson
to be generous,
not selfish nor defensive,
grace in our movements,
as we toast each other,
recalling our joined paths
through briar, and over blossoming Manzanitas
barely missing the stings of bees on our knees,
our arms still strong,
we carry the weight
of words we’ve heard,
and ideals claimed
in between struggles that long remain unnamed,
knowing we are more than a sum of our parts,
our shared history,
as we sit
apart, but together
rose petals floating in red wine,
we’ll place
our phones back in their cradles,
pausing with a silent wish
if only we lived a little bit closer.




JesWrightJes Wright loves being barefoot, taking deep breaths of orange blossoms while doing yoga,  and finds nature in even the most urban spaces. She is an adventurer, enjoying the acts of painting, writing and playful mindfulness in her mostly uncharted journey between northern California and upstate New York, and back again. Jes holds an MA in Individualized Studies (Creative Nonfiction) from Goddard College where she learned the power of Transformative Language Arts. Currently, she’s working on a novel, a poetry chapbook, and being an ever present diplomat for those with Asperger’s. Her writing may be found at elephant journal and on Facebook. 





Photo: Lukreszja

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