Five Questions with Katie Silcox.

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Katie Silcox

In our new “Five Questions” series, we will be asking questions of creators, movers and shakers in many different fields to find out how they stay creative and authentic in their work and their lives.

This month’s Five Questions segment is with a yogini and Ayurveda teacher I’ve enjoyed reading the past few years, Katie Silcox. Enjoy! ~ Kate Bartolotta


KB: 1. In the yoga community, we hear the phrase “taking our yoga off the mat” used often. How has the experience been of taking your practice off the mat and putting it on the page?
KS: For me, yoga has less to with a mat and more to do with learning how to love in all moments, in learning how to move beyond our habitual unconscious reactivity and into freedom. So when I write (on a good day), I’m really just praying that my words and voice can be used to help others unlock their hearts, and that the wisdom of Ayurveda move through me so that I can be of service, the way my teacher and these teachings have served me.
KB: 2. You teach quite a bit about Ayurveda, which is full of wellness practices for both the mind and body. Do you feel that there is a connection between our physical health and our emotional and spiritual health?
According to the tradition there isn’t a mind-body connection – because that requires that there are two things that are separate. The mind, body and spirit are intrinsically interwoven into one another. What you do to the body effects the mind instantly – and visa versa. That’s why Ayurveda and yoga are so cool – we can breathe into the body and feel better emotionally. Similarly, we can work with our thoughts and emotions through meditation or therapy and our body becomes healthier. My physical and emotional house-cleaning is really just a method for keeping my body-temple a fit vehicle for Spirit to thrive. 
KB: 3. What are your favorite ways to nurture yourself during the long, cold winter months?
I try to say “no.” In other words, I like staying home, having an empty calendar for at least three days in row, and just doing nothing. I like to feel my feelings in the winter. Ya know, not push forth my ambitions into the world as much. Ayurveda tells us that winter really is the time to hibernate, eat warm stews, oil our body in sesame oil and laugh with our loved ones.

KB: 4. Any favorite practices you’d like to share with our readers in terms of getting ready for spring?

Yes! Look at what foods nature pushes out of the earth in spring and eat those foods. Also, spring is the best time to do a detox the body in a loving way. I start the mornings off in the spring with hot lemon and turmeric water. You can read more about Spring Routine in my new book, Healthy, Happy, Sexy: Ayurveda Wisdom for Modern Women.


Happy Healthy Sexy
KB: 5. If someone was looking to make one lifestyle change this year to begin exploring a happier, healthier, sexier life, what would you recommend?
The number one thing: find a way, everyday, to make time for silence. Close your eyes. Feel your sensations. And rest in the quiet mind. The sexiest one in the room is the guy or gal with the most silent heart.
Thanks, Katie!
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