Write a Love Letter to Your Life.

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 {Monty’s Letter: February 1, 2015.}

While the fall months tend to be a time of gratitude, February is when we focus on love.

Greeting card companies, florists, and candy shops would like us to look solely at romantic love, but when was the last time you thought about how much you love your life?

Most months, my letter from the editor is a brief encouragement or inspirational focus, but this month it’s a challenge:


Write a love letter to your life.


Maybe you don’t love your job right now, but you’ve started jotting down ideas about what you’d like to do next. Maybe your house needs a little TLC, or you’ve been daydreaming about travelling more often. Maybe winter has made you turn inwards, and you’re longing for spring and reconnecting. It’s easy to look at what we’re missing in our lives, or to look solely at the areas that need improvement. But if we can take time to stop and appreciate what’s already here that’s amazing, we’ll notice how much we’ve already fallen in love with life.

Imagine you’re in love—with a person this time!—and yet everyday when you get up, you immediately begin thinking about what could be better about them. You pay lip service to loving them, but inside you have a constant mental stream of discontent. Or maybe you are even voicing this to your friends and family, and complaining about what your love could do differently, be better…constantly focusing on what’s missing. Sounds awful, right? But many of us do this about our lives all the time.

Gratitude and desire aren’t opposites; they are partners. We can desire new things, move towards change, and dream big dreams, but if we never feel appreciation for where we are right now, we are always delaying that feeling of love and appreciation. Can you imagine wanting to love a person in your life, but always putting off actually loving them until some unknown future when they were perfect? Perfect is a myth, and we wouldn’t want it if we could have it. In fact, when we are stuck in that chasing perfect mode, we’d never recognize perfect even if it arrived. Give up chasing perfect and love the present.

When you fall in love with your life, your life opens up and loves you back.

This month, I challenge you to take notice of what you love about your life every single day. Jot it down. Take a picture of it. And if you’re up for it, share it on Instagram #lovemylife. (I’ll be doing mine @kate_bartolotta.)


May you fall in love with your life a little more every single day.

With Love,

Kate Bartolotta, editor-in-chief

February 1, 2015








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