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This week we love…


Since my birthday is on Saturday, we decided it would be fun to make a birthday Love List this week. Sometimes I think I’m the only person over 30 who still gets excited about birthdays. Last year, I had an amazing time with four wonderful friends, and this year I am celebrating in Nashville with my brother. But whether you have a birthday this week or not, here are a few things that make any day feel like a celebration. ~ Kate





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I don’t think you can ever be too old to get a little bit excited about cupcakes. The trouble is, many cupcakes are all style and no substance; they look much better than they taste. One of my favorite recipes are these Raspberry Champagne Cupcakes (above), which are easily adapted to gluten-free/vegan if necessary.


Making a Wish




I make wishes on lots of things, but there’s something special about making a birthday wish. I’ve often thought of birthdays as our own personal New Year, and what a better time for setting an intention for everything we hope to include in our coming year.


Free Birthday Stuff



Some people hate anyone knowing it’s their birthday. I am not one of those people. I do still blush and feel a little bit embarrassed to be the center of attention if I’m sung to in a restaurant, but I love to take advantage of some of the cool things offered as birthday rewards. (Click the photo to go to the site, or you can go here.)


The Secret Language of Birthdays




I’m always fascinated by different insights into our lives and personalities. Some I take with a grain of salt, as they are about as specific as a fortune cookie; others seem right on and lend a magical feeling to the day. The Secret Language of Birthdays (both the book and the website) are a fun peek at what your special day might say about you.



Celebrating with People We Love





Whether it’s your birthday today, or just one of your 364 un-birthdays, I hope you take a few minutes to celebrate simply being alive.



What do you love this week?







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