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I am Darcey Blue – Herbalist, Devotee of Wildness, and Shamana Flora. The Plants are my greatest allies and teachers, the Earth my sanctuary, and Sacred Wildness my purpose.

I see my life work with the plants as an ever-evolving process of personal and spiritual growth, and co- creation with the sacred energy in the plants, and all of nature. Even as a child I was taken with wonder by waking early to watch the sunrise over the tree tops as I started the campfire, and digging around in the back field full of weeds to discover what I could eat. As I began to study the plants in more depth, and with more seriousness, (as in I decided to be a herbalist for my life’s work), it became more and more obvious over the years (going on 12 years as an herbalist now) that the work with plants was much deeper than just plant constituents for physiological ailments. The plants are my biggest teachers, and biggest source of inspiration.

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It might sound a bit on the woo side, but literally, the plants speak to me, and share their deep wisdom and healing medicine on the physical, emotional and spiritual planes. Listening to THEIR wisdom is absolutely vital to what I do. But as my relationship with the plants has grown, so has my relationship with all of nature, and the wildness in the world. Reclaiming a relationship of a sacred nature with the wild, and all of its messages- from plants, mountains, stones, feathers, animals and ceremony continues to feed me, my work, and everything I bring to the table to share.

To me, it feels like its less about me, and what I WANT, and more about what the wildness and spirit in nature asks me to bring forward, its more of a co-creation than anything else.

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I feel so strongly about maintaining an awareness of the plants, as sacred allies, and teachers, not just medicines for our bodies. It’s wonderful that we as a culture are learning to turn to natural medicines and plants as healing for our bodies, and it’s more and more accessible and available, but I also see a potential for serious disconnect between nature, the plants and the sacred LIFE Force we are working with when plants become merely “medicinal” or valuable because of their medicine.

One of the most important parts of my personal path is staying in right relationship with myself, spirit and the plants I work with. For me, this looks like ceremony and offerings made to the Earth, the plants, and sacred wild places. And it goes without saying, that I try to teach my students how to discern and make right relationship with their plants and places as well. So every time I pick a medicine plant from the wild, I leave offerings, I sing songs, I scatter seeds. Whenever I make up a blend of plant medicines into a tea, an elixir or flower essence, I invite the spirits of the plants themselves into the process. I think you can feel it, when a medicine you take is alive with the life force and spirit of the giving plants, and when its just constituents in a bottle made in a factory. It’s not to say large scale production of herbal medicines don’t work, they do, on a physical level, but I do think that sometimes the magic of the medicine is missing. And that’s what I try to bring into each and every product and offering I create- the relationship, the life force, the sacredness that I want to see thrive and grow in our changing world, for the plants and nature, but also for our communities and our personal relationships with self and nature.

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“ I want to leave the bounds of the indoors and take you out to smell wild minerals of the wet dirt, to fill your mouth with the spice of tree resin, to drum your heart into a rhythm that allows YOU to hear, feel, see, sense, experience the magic and sacredness of the natural world.  I want to show you how to see with more than your eyes, see with your body, your heart, your sensual nature.  I want to feed the senses and bodies of my clients with the holiness of the plant medicine- not just the extracts and constituents that help them feel better, but with the place where the earth wisdom, plant manifestation touches the spark of life within each heart and body.” – From Truth Telling, by Darcey Blue

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About Darcey:

I am a shamanic herbalist and wild crafter of plant medicines; I am a Lover to the Earth and wild earth mama. People call me a plant whisperer. I call myself a devotee of all that is sacred on this wild beautiful earth.

I am a guide to the healing wisdom and medicine that the plants and wild, sacred nature hold.  The wisdom of spirit that is within each of us. I work privately with those who are eager to learn from the plants a healing way as old as time itself, and who are ready to take responsibility for and transform their relationship to self, spirit, nature, health, and body. I work with clients and students in AZ and beyond, and teach at Herbal conferences in the US.

I was trained as a Clinical Herbalist & Nutritionist at the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism under Paul Bergner, and studied under Rosemary Gladstar and Charlie Kane. I have been using and learning from the plants, both wild and cultivated since childhood, and it is my deep love of the wild Earth that fuels my passion for healing and teaching about plants, wilderness, spirit, nourishment and healing.

I was called to the shamanic path by an old Juniper tree in 2003 and have been talking with plants ever since.  I lead workshops and circles in shamanic journeywork with plant medicine and plant spirits and work with private clients using sacred botanical medicine and shamanic practice.

My own healing and wholing in life has been catalyzed and manifested by cultivating the ever deepening relationship with the wildness in the world, and the wildness within my own body and spirit- through the plants, the land spirits, and solitary time in wild natural places- sitting with plants, wildcrafting plants, and journeying with spirit and self awareness.

Connect with Darcey over on her website Shamana Flora, on Facebook and on Instagram. Find her herbal medicines and creations over on Blue Turtle Botanicals.




JennGrosso-Bio-Photo-e1402961929559Jenn Grosso hails from a far and distant land impervious to the mundane and the conventional. Her eclectic interests always begin with an overwhelming curiosity, which catapults her into fanatical investigations and explorations. With a penchant for all things beautifully extraordinary, Jenn recognizes the importance of honoring her shadow self and the medicine of everything around her. Embracing her inner sacred creative, Jenn plays host to the dance of shadow and light, while smiling at the fleeting nature of it all.

Shamelessly wearing her heart on her sleeve, Jenn can typically be found with a book in hand, mala around her neck, and skipping to the beat of her own drum. Connect with Jenn on her blog Perilsoftheliving, Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter.


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