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Do you remember the deep awareness and concentration that you could raise by playing something when you were little?

You could stare, explore and wonder about one little thing for hours and may that thing be as insignificant as an old flat tire of a bike. You would create a fantastic story around it, bringing it back to life with yet undiscovered features or revealing a cops and robbers crime to save the planet.

Children live this super hero reality of no boundaries and learn while playing until adults and society set their limits: We go through school and education systems which teach us right from wrong to survive in a society that makes us follow given life paths and desire things we don’t need. All just to keep the economic engine going – no regard to losses. Thus each individual person becomes an object instead of a personality.

Stuck in that mindset we realize too often that we are living or serving someone else’s dream. We have lost the connection to our magical wide-eyed wonder world and think that this belongs to the process of adolescence. And soon we find ourselves living in the past wishing those wonderful days of ease to return and finally stop worrying about the future. So we learn and learn and learn society’s life templates and basically forget how to remain in the present moment, cause these rules are not ours but simply dictated ones.

Finally these habitual patterns end up being our reality. Neurologists have revealed that our realities are basically a reflection of our thoughts. Meaning everyone creates his/her own world with their positive or negative thoughts, emotions, experiences and actions.

We identify ourselves with the voice in our head and believe that we cannot change much, but it is proven that our brains have the capacity and ability to change thought patterns and apply as well as learn our whole life long. Even an 80-year-old person can still learn Chinese. The secret is: enthusiasm. If we are motivated and feel excited about something, we can learn it with ease. Just like it worked when we were little kids playing.

So why not give it a try and ask our neglected inner child to come out and play? Why don’t we get our dusty list of unconventional life concepts and ideas out and dream big again? Observe which playful adventure sets free most butterflies in your stomach and then go for it! You have nothing to loose. Let’s playfully unlearn old rules, reinvent the new and be the joyful creators as whom we started our lives.



image1Annabelle Bini is an enthusiast for life and its’ fantastic little wonders. At home in the world she is a travelling project manager and yoga teacher, finding bliss in a playful and creative way of working.

Always open for new inspiring ways to ennoble her life, she is happy to contribute Be You Media Group with her insights on the path of liberation. If not pencil-pushing, she may be caught behind the camera lens chasing miracles, dancing her soul away or cooking up a storm.



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