Five Questions with Tamara Star.

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This month’s Five Questions interview is with Tamara Star, founder of Daily


KB: This past winter was a long one for many of us. What are your favorite daily practices to help shift into spring mode?
TS: Ahh, this is a great question. Changing up our routines in sync with the rhythms of nature really help to boost our energy levels as well as put a little zing back into our emotional state. For me, I like to remove heavy candles, pillows, blankets and curtains from my home, and switch everything to lighter versions. Think: sheer curtains on the windows, flowers in place of candles, and light throws versus cozy heavy blankets and throw pillows. Seeing lighter colors and lots of light in my home versus cozy earth tones really sparks my mood and facilitates my getting outside and into the sunshine and fresh air versus cozying up on the couch with a good book.

KB: I know you’re gearing up for your 40-day Reboot Program. What can you tell us about the reboot and who would find it a good fit?

TS: It’s really designed for women who want to reclaim their power and mojo again. The women who’ve participated in the program have healed old nagging self-esteem issues, cleared the slate on self limiting beliefs, uncovered hidden self-sabotage habits, increased their confidence, gotten their glow back (literally) and released huge blocks to prosperity and abundance. It really is a 40-day miracle lifestyle makeover.

KB: You’ve written some wonderful pieces on decluttering, and I know I’ve found them hugely helpful. For someone who is just beginning to declutter their life, what would be your big tip for getting started?

TS: Hmmm, to take my program! ha! ha! But if not, I’d say start small. Dump your purse onto the floor and put everything back where it belongs. Stick loose change in a piggy bank for a rainy day, file receipts, clean up the make up bag, and put what doesn’t belong in there in it’s rightful place. After feeling how great that purse feels, move on to a drawer. The great thing about clutter clearing is because it facilitates such huge changes in perception, we want to keep going! I’ve got a wonderful free video series on my website that really walks you through making a major impact on your home and I’ve included some of my favorite secrets from my actual 40-day personal reboot program.

KB: Your website is called “Daily Transformations.” I love this concept, and know our readers might enjoy hearing how you decided on this name and how you experience transformation in the everyday.

TS: Thank you! I feel so lucky I was able to get that website name!
Really, it all started from my wanting to share my own healing process. I’d made just about every mistake in the book and hoped to help other women skip making those same mistakes in their own life. So, I began sharing my ah ha moments and a lot of people really started responding. It was surprising really. I realized we’re all thinking many of the same thoughts and wishing for the same things in our lives, with just a different flavor and slant, so I think sharing my journey really resonated with others. Much to my surprise, the Daily Transformations FB fan page grew organically to over 290K in 5 years. I believe we really ARE all on the same journey, each of us going through our own flavor of life with common goals, fears, hopes, and wishes.

KB: If someone was looking to make one lifestyle change this year to let go of stress and live a more joyful life, what would you recommend?

TS: Gratitude!! Starting every morning counting 10 things you’re grateful for and ending the day doing the same, literally rewires the brain to notice more to be grateful for. We must train our brains to start looking for what’s right versus what’s wrong in life.



Thanks, Tamara!


For more information, visit Daily Transformations, Tamara’s 40-day Reboot program, or connect with her on Facebook.

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