Love List: Mercury Retrograde

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This week we love … Mercury Retrograde.


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Okay … so that isn’t exactly the truth & we can hear the not-so-silent roll of your eyes, accompanied by a gafaw-like sigh that we should even suggest Mercury in her Retrograde period is something to be loved.

While we must confess that we don’t love her truly, madly, deeply & the mayhem she brings during the three week period that she slows in her orbit (three times a year!!)—crumbling our communication, disabling our ability to get anywhere easily & rendering our electronics uncooperative—she does have some magic hiding under the surface.

We can’t hide in a cave until she picks up speed—but, her wisdom teaches us that we must slow down & pay attention to what’s happening both inside & outside of our hearts.

If we play by her rules, we can learn to love bigger. (Or … at least expand our capacity for patience.)

Without further ado, 5 ways to make it through Mercury Retrograde without losing your sh*t completely:




via The Little Sage
via The Little Sage

1. Read the sky.


We are believers in the power the sky above the clouds has over us & through our various practices of living, we have also learned when to ask for help.

Enter our friends that know how to read the planets, the stars & the cycles we are all connected to: astrologers.

When the days & nights are particularly challenging, we look for guidance from their interpretation of what’s happening & what might be influencing our ways of living.

[Our most-trusted resources include: Chani Nicholas, MYSTIC MAMMA, The Power Path, New Paradigm Astrology (we dig Kaypacha’s Weekly Pele Report)


“Basically this week goes like this: Mercury retrograde square Neptune, Mercury retrograde conjunct Mars, Mars square Neptune, Mercury retrograde conjunct the sun, the sun square Neptune.

It’s a confusing, inspired, hot-headed journey in and out of looming losses, fights of fancy, escapist tendencies, information splintering off in a million tiny pieces, calamitous clarity, magnificent madness, passive aggressive possessions and lucid dreaming. Drunks show up on our doorstep, liars lie to our faces and people may tend to hide behind partial truths.

Getting the facts straight is one thing. Knowing what to do with them is another kettle of fish altogether. The good news is that sometimes there is nothing to do. Sometimes just sitting with the truth is enough.

That is if we can.

Wanting to bend, mend or retell the truth is a side effect of Neptune’s inebriating infusion.

Don’t lie.

Or catch yourself when you do. Or want to. The lies we choose and the fantasies we get lost in tell a lot. They are full to the brim with invaluable truths about what we want to hide from, what we want to escape from and what we don’t want to others to know about us.

Tell on yourself. Stay sober, especially emotionally. Don’t get drunk on your own sentimental toxicity. Or on your fantasies-at least not unconsciously.

Day dream responsibly.”

~ Chani Nicholas



kon mari
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2. Clean up the clutter.


Have you heard of this tiny little gem, the life-changing magic of tidying up: the japanese art of decluttering & organizing by Maria Kondo?


Well—if you’ve a) been procrastinating clearing our your living space of clutter or b) feel stuck in your life & want to get things moving, then this might be just the thing for you. While Mercury can have us feeling scattered in the world, it’s a good time to spend time at home, clearing out what no longer serves us.

Kondo’s premise is simple, yet the process (just like most in life) is challenging, especially when the heart steps into the conversation. She suggests that the only things we should hold onto are the things & stuff that spark joy.

Her plan on sorting through the home is detailed & specific—begin with clothes, move to books & so on; the trick is each item must be laid on the floor & handled by you.

When you pick it up, you see if it sparks joy—& if it doesn’t, it goes—no matter what.

Think of it this way: everything has energy to it—not just people or animals, not just you & me, but actual material items contain energy—if your home is full of stuff that doesn’t vibe with your vibe, is it really helping to raise the vibration around you?

Be prepared to give yourself permission to let go old versions of you—be prepared also to come up against things you might have inherited along the way—now is the time to decide what stays & what goes.



via Pinterest
via Pinterest

3. Slow down your practice.

If you have a beating heart & you live in the world, you know that everything around us encourages to move faster & stay connected even when we’re fast asleep.

This time—the three weeks that Mercury hovers, almost not-moving in space—is a grace-period you can offer yourself to slow down your practice.

Back in the days before our electronics were glued to our hands, we spent time sitting around fire & telling stories.

We took silent retreats deep into the woods & listened to the teachings of the trees; nature was our biggest teacher, not Google—& we took time to care of ourselves so that we could live to teach the ones that come after us all that we learned as our lines deepened.

Now is a good time to slow down your practice—whether you practice yoga, knife-throwing or baking—can you take a deep breath in & let it all out?

Can you let your body land & become aware of the ground below your feet & the sky above your head?

Can you place one hand on your heart (put the knives down first) & feel your heart beating & just bathe in the miracle that you exist here, for as long as you do?



via designcrushblog care of Pinterest
via designcrushblog care of Pinterest

4. Make something.

Creativity is one of those things that has the ability to set us free from our thinking-brains. In a very different way then the practice of yoga (in the traditional movement forms), we can actually shift the energy we’ve moved into something tangible.

Paint, draw, write, photograph, collage, make a fancy stick crown, take a dye class or get your hands dirty in the garden—everything is an option.

Close your eyes & let your heart take your imagination where it wants to go.

(Remember this thing? It’s called play.)


via Peter Lindbergh/Harpers Bazaar care of Pinterest
via Peter Lindbergh/Harpers Bazaar by way of Pinterest

5. Give thanks. 

The bottom line is that we can spend this time hating on Mercury—or, we can learn to embrace the chaos that life is. (And, some days, we might even do both.)

Everything that shows up during this time teaches us something more about the experience of being human.

We re-learn how to forgive, where our humility is hiding & that the space between the inhale & exhale contains a whisper of surrender into allthethings we can’t possibly control.

The Universe wants us to shine brighter & love bigger—she’s on our side, just as the moon & the stars are.

Every now & then, as Mercury shows us, we have to dig deeper to find the places & spaces that don’t align with our purpose here, this time around.

Take one moment each day—a flicker, maybe—to give thanks for the teacher that she is … & before we know it, she’ll be in motion again.



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via Pinterest



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