What Does “Success” Look Like?

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{Monty’s Letter: June 12, 2015}

 “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” ~ Henry Ford

Some people measure success by the amount in their bank account, or their prestige and influence. Those are both useful things, but on their own, they don’t mean much. They shift and change over the course of our adult lives, and for most people, will be forgotten after they’ve gone.

But when we create community and build relationships, we have made something that will grow exponentially and last far longer than money or fame every could.

The truth is, we have the power to make our own rules about what success is. Over and over this week, I’ve sat at my desk with a huge grin on my face after meeting with a client or working on a project, overwhelmed with how much I love my job. To me, that’s success. I am doing work I love with wonderful people; everything else is icing on the cake.

If we define success by quantity instead of quality, we’ll never get there. There will always be more money to make, a better job title, a nicer office, more Facebook “followers”; it never ends. When we realize that success is finding the joy in where we are right now and putting community ahead of competition, every single day is a win.


I am pleased and proud to announce that in the spirit of building a greater community, Be You Media Group has become a family of blogs.

In addition to our ongoing content focused on creativity and entrepreneurship, our family has grown to include:


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a beauty full mind is all about discovering new ideas
and conversations of beauty, starting with the
understanding that beauty isn’t just about the
physical — it is everything that pleases our
senses, spirits, hearts and minds.



Some Talk of You & Me is where we connect to have the
conversations we’ve always wanted: real, authentic, and inspiring.
A constantly evolving dialogue of contemporary issues,
creative endeavors, current news, mindful living —
and every other topic that speaks to you and me.


Jennifer White

Jennifer S. White: Writing, blogging,
hoppy ale drinking, stay-at-home-yoga mama machine.


Perils of the Living


Perilsoftheliving is where Jenn Grosso communicates
her creative and spiritual outlets, as she seeks
out the sacred in the every day.
Playing host to the dance of shadow and light,
Jenn can typically be found with a book in hand,
shamelessly wearing her heart on her sleeve
while smiling at the fleeting nature of it all.


The more we help each other shine, the brighter everything becomes.


Cheers to a bright future full of beautiful collaborations!


With love,

Kate Bartolotta, editor-in-chief

June 12, 2015





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