Artist of the Week: The Householders.

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This week, we talked with David Goddard of The Householders!

BYMG: How did you get started?

DG: We met at a Yoga ashram in north east Pennsylvania. We all came from different musical backgrounds but had Yoga and Kirtan (devotional chant) as a common thread and felt compelled to do our own take on it. Somehow, hip-hop, electronica and devotional chant ended up fitting together quite nicely…

The Householders

BYMG: Who and what influences your work?

DG: We are heavily influenced by contemporary electronic music, hip-hop and soul. Our own personal experience on our path as yogis is really the fuel behind what we do. Our music is about building bridges—bridges between ancient and modern, East and West, and ultimately our music is an expression of the bridge between our inner and outer worlds.

BYMG: What is your creative process like?

DG: Our songs can start any number of ways. Often they will begin with a Sanskrit chant and then we’ll build everything around that. Zack (our rapper) will sometimes take the translation of the chant as inspiration for the hip-hop verses he writes. There is also a surprisingly strong connection between the nature of devotional chant and modern electronic dance music. They both have a repetitive, energy building quality to them that complement each other very well. We try and allow them to feed off each other in the creative process.


BYMG: Where can our readers connect with you?

DG: Our music is available just about everywhere. Spotify, iTunes, Amazon etc… Find us on Facebook and find out about upcoming shows on our website. We are very passionate about connecting with our audience and including them in our performances because of the nature of our music. When you come to a Householders show you’re really a member of the band, not the audience.


Thanks, David!



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