How to Stay Inspired.

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If we think of the word, inspiration, which implies being full of breath, it becomes simple.


We cannot exhale indefinitely; we need to breathe in or we’d pass out. If we stopped breathing in new air completely, we’d die. If we want to stay inspired—at work, in our relationships, in all aspects of life—self-care and being refilled is essential.

I’ve always loved the analogy of the oxygen mask on an airplane; the flight attendants always remind passengers to make sure they are getting air for themselves before they begin helping others. This is true in so much of life. If we want to help others, create inspiring work, and have healthy, thriving relationships, we must make sure we’re getting our own “air” first.

Summer is a great time for relaxing and re-fueling, but it often gets away from us too quickly! As we head into August, we are partnering with our sister blogs a beauty full mind and Some Talk of You and Me to take some time focusing on all the aspects of self-care for our bodies, minds and hearts. And if you’re really ready to dig in and tune up your self-care habits, sign up for our #selfcaresummercamp list for weekly suggestions and a self-care summer camp at home retreat kit at the end of the month.


And another exciting August announcement!

Bronwyn Petry is coming on board at Be You as our new managing editor! Join me in welcoming Bronwyn to our team by stopping by on her Facebook page or dropping her a note at


Whatever August has in store for you, be sure to take some time to rest and restore yourself. Even a few minutes looking up at the stars can remind you just how good things are:

With Love,

Kate Bartolotta, editor-in-chief

August 1, 2015







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