We Built a House: On Creation, Collaboration and Change.

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This was my house, in 1979, while it was being built.


My parents and I moved in when I was three years old. I lived there throughout the rest of my childhood and teens, moved out for college…moved all over the U.S….and am living here today, raising my own children.

It looks very different today. An addition went on in the 90s. Trees and landscaping have been added to the view. Colors have shifted and changed over the years.

I have called many other places “home” over the years—and may find home elsewhere yet again—but this place…this is the house we built. This will always be a home for me.


When I built—when we built—Be You, I didn’t want to create yet another publication. I wanted to build a home, a touchstone for writers, artists and everyone excited about what they were creating in the world. This house we’ve built is still under construction. It’s solid, and I’m excited to see how it will grow and change in time. I love this house, and I’m proud of what we’ve built so far; it will always be a home for me.

As my own work and life evolve, and I look at where I’m spending my time and energy, I realize I needed someone I trust to come in and help keep building this house.





That person is Bronwyn Petry, our new Managing Editor.






Join me in welcoming Bronwyn on board, and let’s keep building this house!



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