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This week we love…

Theme Songs!

You have one, don’t you? Maybe not a permanent lifelong theme song, but we all have those songs that pump us up, help us relax, make us feel like everything’s going to be okay. We have songs that remind us of certain seasons, people and places. But sometimes it helps to intentionally pick a theme song for a while, and let it be an extra boost of mojo when we need it:

Barry White isn’t my musical guardian angel, but here are a few songs that give me that extra something special, right when I need it.

(Disclaimer: the creation of this post resulted in a great deal of dancing at my desk…)


Shake it Off ~ Taylor Swift

Rough morning…bad mood…unexpected criticism…stuck in traffic…SHAKE IT OFF! Haters gonna hate, but it’s tough to keep from smiling (and moving) after hearing this.

Today ~ Smashing Pumpkins


You know those songs that when you’re driving in your car and you hear the first few notes, you immediately turn it all the way up and commence air drums on your steering wheel and rock out, instantly improving your day and sending endorphins through your body? It’s one of those. Because maybe all it takes to be the greatest day is just to be present…and rock n’ roll.



Wake Up ~ Arcade Fire


I have a few songs that get my “okay, let’s do this!” energy in gear; this is at the top of that list. Whether it’s a run up a steep hill, finishing up some work, cleaning the house, or starting the day, this is a good one to wake you up—body and soul. (P.S. Had to use the Where the Wild Things Are version, because…come on! We’re all wild things at heart.)



Float On ~ Modest Mouse


It’s summer of ’99, and I’m working three different waitressing jobs, writing on napkins when I hang out on my break, wondering what the hell I’m doing with my life. And it’s amazing and exhausting and hilarious and it feels like a lot of wasted days, but like Cheryl Strayed said, “the useless days add up to something.” And Modest Mouse wrote this five years later, but this…is that. This is your best friend telling you on a chaotically delicious day that we’re all going to float on…and it’s going to add up to something wonderful.

Orange Sky ~ Alexi Murdoch


The first time I heard this was when two close friends—Chris Grosso and Alanna Kaivalya—were working on a cover of it; I immediately fell in love. This is the end of the day, musical sunset, peace be with you always song. Highly recommended after a long day, accompanied by someone you can sit quietly with, or a furry friend to snuggle.


I could happily add to this playlist all day…thinking back to songs from high school and college, favorite love songs, songs to get fired up and songs for chilling out…but I’ll round it out with one more that always puts me in a good mood.


Dog Days Are Over ~ Florence + The Machine


I remember the first time I heard this, sitting on the floor of the classroom in massage school…listening to it on a friend’s iPod. It was a rough month, in a rough year, and this gorgeous reminder that happiness sometimes does hit us unexpectedly in the midst of our “dog days” was exactly what I needed to hear. Five years later, it still makes my whole body smile and start to dance…even when I’m driving.

Happy Friday! I hope happiness hits you unexpectedly…like a train on a track…and your own personal theme songs fill your day and your heart with exactly what you need.



What songs made your theme song list? We’d love to hear them in the comments!

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