Artist of the Week: Jessica Hesser of Mantras & Miracles

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This week, we’re talking with Jessica Hesser, of Mantras & Miracles!


BYMG:  How did you get started?

JH: Years ago I started taking apart old family jewelry and remaking it into new, more modern pieces. I was a stay at home mom at the time and looking for a creative outlet. I had a lot of family pieces that I loved because of the sentiment, but never wore because they weren’t my style, so I created things someone like me would like to wear. I sold the the jewelry for awhile and had it in a fashion show, but eventually it just kind of faded out of my life, I never really made it a serious business. Then years ago, I found Kundalini Yoga and fell in love with it. As part of the practice I began using mantra, sacred sound current. I loved mantra so much I would pretty much chant while I did everything. One day I had the inspiration to bead some bracelets and I was chanting while I did it. I started to notice an effect on the jewelry, it felt different — more powerful and alive. Mantras and Miracles jewelry was born.


BYMG: Who and what influences your work?

JH: Firstly, the stones influence my work, I get so much inspiration just by touching them and feeling their energy. I’m also very influenced by astrological events and things like that. If we’re going through a period of expansion, or a period of deep inner work, I like to make jewelry that reflects that and helps to support those changes. I’m always influenced by the Kundalini Yoga practice itself and certain teachers and performers who deeply moved me: Jai Jagdeesh, Simrit Kaur, Jai Dev Singh and Guru Jagat to name a few. Really though I’m inspired by any artist who’s out there doing their thing with passion, courage and soul.


BYMG: What is your creative process like?

JH: I kind of fall in love with the beads and crystals first, and then enjoy feeling what they want to be made into. I can hear what mantras the stones want; it’s like a dialogue. I love it. I chant while I make the jewelry infusing it with the sacred vibrations and intent. The mantras correlate to the active properties of the stones and crystals. When I’m done I give it a Reiki treatment and if there is a full moon or some significant lunar event like an eclipse I put it outside in the moonlight.

BYMG:  Where can our readers connect with you?
JH: The best place is my website [http:/],which has become like a virtual home for me!  I’m also really active on Instagram, so that’s a great place to connect also.

Thanks, Jessica!


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