Love List: Paris.

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First, press play:


Yesterday, on November 13th, a series of mass shootings and suicide bombings occurred in Paris and Saint Denis, France. There were three explosions near the Stade de France, where a football game was in progress between France and Germany. The largest attack was at the Bataclan Theatre, where hostages were taken during a long standoff between the attackers and police.

As of this writing, the BBC reports 153 people have been killed, and another 180 injured as a result of the attacks.

Last night, as I saw Parisian friends and colleagues using Facebook’s safety check-in, I started to cry, partly with sadness, partly in relief—and partly due to the beautiful outpouring of love and help for those affected.

Whenever there is a violent tragedy, we see variations on several conversations:

Guns are bad

{Fill-in-the-blank group} is bad

Mental illness is bad.

And while those things are a piece of each tragedy, they are not the whole story. Another part of the story emerges when we see #prayforParis and #PorteOuverte (open door) trending on Twitter. Another part of the story is that we can choose to pray for peace on earth, and we can daily choose to let it begin with us.

We cannot control the violent and hateful acts of others, but we can do our part to shorten their reach by choosing to reach out with love and compassion, to those affected by tragedy as well as those in our everyday lives.


How we can help, from far away:

Donate to Doctors without Borders

Donate to the French Red Cross

Donate to Restaurants du Coeur


We can also choose to respond daily with peace and compassion, doing our part to end the violence within our hearts, that there might be more peace in the world.


Nous prions pour vous, Paris.  Nous t’aimons.



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