He Talked to the Moon About Her. ~ Mariam Rehman

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He ran, panting, down to the shores of the sea: unshaven, disheveled, lost.

The moon rose from behind veils of darkness, setting her fragile light onto the ferocious waters below. She knew he would come searching so she, in her collected grace, revealed herself from behind black clouds.

She hung far away in the midst of the clouds, all alone, large and low, and was privy to his whispers and the little secrets he was holding.

She could even see the magic these secrets brought to his eyes, his smile and his long, lean gait.
He was in love, of that she was sure.

Now, she saw him fall to the ground, on his knees, in helplessness, so she appeared in full view before him, leaving the chaos of colliding galaxies behind her.

He lifted his eyes to the moon dancing before him in the night sky, and whispered, “I’m in love.”

The moon smiled at the young man’s proclamation.

“What should I do?” he asked, under silent sighs and broken hopes, “I’m burning every passing moment of my life.”
The moon, upon hearing his question, lowered herself to look him in the eye, only to find crashing waters welling up.
“Go to her, then,” she said. “Tell her the secrets you just told me. Yours is a faithful heart, so make haste, for there is not a minute to lose.”
With this, the tides went wild, toppling and rolling in coquettish waves and curls. The whole universe was contemplating, conspiring something.

The young man slowly drew himself away from the seashore under the moon’s guiding light, only to disappear back into the blinding city lights.

(Photo: Matthias)

Mariam Rehman

Apart from being a philosopher, artist, singer, writer and poet—which includes performing, or slamming, her poetry on stage—Mariam Rehman is an avid reader and literature addict seeking joy in the little things in life. Mariam is a girl for who the sky, stars, and constellations are universe’s gemstones. Most importantly, Mariam is a miracle, survivor and a warrior. Mariam is completing her Bachelor’s in Psychology, English Literature and Mass Communication. You can read more of her writing on her blog.

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