I Long for a Hearth with Pillows. {Poetry} ~ Edith Lazenby

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I long for a hearth with pillows,

large arms to hold me tight.

My heart yearns for any home.

I find random feathers and acorns.

Neighbors walk dogs.

My girlfriend’s kitty purrs.

My roots are frayed.

Today this heart feels old, tired,

as if more love would ache

like a pulled back.

My right shoulder hurts.

Friends ask if I limp and I say yes.

Time takes what it takes,

as I give more and more.

Each person has their folklore.

Mine runs like a path

that winds through creeks,

with many stones to balance on

though I slip and fall often.

I look for one to hold my hand.

I look for one to pick me up when I fall.

Yet day in and day out flow

like a railroad track

that has many breaks

so no train can get to where it needs to go.

Yes I feel like I need to move on.

As the tears rise for no reason,

grief is the quilt that covers me,

though smiles find their way in

and laughter comes easily.
Below all, I ride a go-cart

in a field that keeps me from feeling

the cavities within my ventricles.

So the doors may open and close

And blood may flow. Yes. My heart functions

For this body

yet the emotions

that feed my soul cry out

silently, so few realize.

What fuels every action is a need

to hang on to grace, for if I ever let go

of that knowing, I will drown

on a cross that won’t let me rise.

I live under a blanket where shame

violates me repeatedly.

A barrage of feeling won’t let me be

so I breathe

in what peace love gives as he

picks me up again and again.
“Listen to experience,” he says.

I pull myself up to find the light

that lives inside.

I stand tall and

won’t hide the gifts God gave

in a cave

where my past shadows

haunt my memory.

(Photo: Ashley Rose).


Edie has been writing poems since the age of 9 and continues to write them on a regular basis. Though to be honest she feels they write themselves and show her the way through what hurts into what heals. She teaches yoga full time and shares her life with her five cats. She writes articles as well for various websites including Be You, Rebelle Society, elephant Journal, Teachasana and Journey of the Heart. Find more of her at her personal blog.

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