December Reflections.

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If I knew more, (read: anything) about baseball, I’d make a joke right now about sliding this editorial in at the bottom of the eighth, but I’m not sure it would be accurate.

This is the third draft of this post.

November seemed like a dark month, both literally and figuratively: with the arrival of Daylight Savings, and the bombings in Beirut and Mali; the Paris attacks; the Syrian refugee crisis intensifying; Donald Trump as POTUS became a terrifying potential reality; Islamophobia sky-rocketed; there was a planned attack on Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs.

(The shooting in San Bernardino happened on December 2).

That is all off the top of my head—and it just seems like a lot, more than most months.

It feels heavy, and I’m not sure how to address it. I’ve been feeling the gap lately between the words that come out of my fingers and the ones that I dream—so I figured the best way of addressing it was to say it, head-on:

This has been a hard month for me. If it has been a hard month for you, too, maybe we can give each other the space to exist within that, and just breathe together.

Things that have been helping me: 

  • hibernation, to a point. Onesie pajamas. Long johns. Extra blankets.
  • Christmas movies.
    I am a bit back-and-forth over the holidays. I don’t like the consumerism, and I always feel like I should be in three places at once, but I do enjoy the movies.
    Honorary nominees:
    Die Hard;
    Perennial favourite:
    It’s a Wonderful Life.
  • Walking outside.
    Having a dog gets me outside, which I am incredibly grateful for. If you don’t have a dog, may I suggest you invent one? Fresh air is important. Circulation is important. It helps.
  • Taking breaks when needed. Social media can really affect my mood, if I’m not careful about the ways I ingest it. This extension, Newsfeed Eradicator, replaces your Facebook feed with an inspirational quote. It’s a great reminder to get back to work.
  • Finding out whatever fun means to me in that particular moment and chasing that f**ker down.December is all about finding ways to be light, for me. Holidays can be landmines for lots of us, and the darkness can be a vampiric drain on everything you thought you knew and loved about yourself. So if you can, try to make yourself laugh. Honest to God. For me, lately, that means
    spontaneous Prince dance parties
    tea time
    the purchase of a discount Advent calendar.
  • giving myself the joy of creating something. Even if I’m just doodling a grocery list. Something. Every day.

Questions I tend to ask myself:

So this is the end of 2015. Who are you now, who were you at the beginning?

What’s changed for you? What happened?

What one thing that happened in the world affected you the most?

What do you want to call into being for yourself and the world, next year? What dreams can you realize?

Go ahead, dream big, because why the hell not.

Here’s hoping that 2016 is good to each and every one of us.

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