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The Art of Feeling Better is a series of articles where the author undertakes the adventure of finding out what it means to truly be happy. This is the third of five explorations. Click here to begin from the beginning. 

Part Three


I could have gone to a fine restaurant—Los Angeles is full of amazing culinary experiences—or I could have bought those red cowboy boots I’d been eyeing in a local thrift shop, but nothing felt more indulgent to me than spending $12 on a juice that was promised to be “the most amazing experience of my life”.

Suddenly, with that recommendation, $12 seemed like a bargain.

I knew the “Art of Feeling Better” would have to include a story on indulging and taking care of oneself. A dear friend once said to me, and it always stuck, “when you’re feeling low, put on your God Almighty best.” Self care, indulgence and taking care of the body seemed like an integral part to feeling better. While I was on the boat to Hades, there was no reason not to feel fabulous.

There is no better place to feel fabulous, from the inside out, than MoonJuice.

MoonJuice, a small shop in Echo Park, is a place I had become obsessed with while living in Scotland. The founder, Amanda Chantal Bacon, had the most delicious Instagram account: flowing dresses, gorgeous shots of food and ingredients, astro-inspired language. It hit a deep well of longing within me for health, beauty and food as both source of healing and pure joy. I liked her story as well: a former fine-dining chef, this was a woman who not only knew how to wield the healing power of ingredients like a priestess, but play with flavor and combinations that would make any foodie weak in the knees.

So here I was, clutching my $12 deep chocolate juice and eyeing the other offerings in beautifully designed packaging: variety of moon dusts, chocolate, and activated snacks. Taking a sip, I had a “food-gasm”.

The water felt smooth, pure, energetic. My sullen mood was instantly broken—uplifted—suddenly, doing something good for myself felt not just good, but joyous.

I stocked up on beautiful-looking chocolate: a rose raspberry bar, and something called Beauty Dust; I ignored the growing sense of guilt from eye-watering prices. The point was indulgence after all, and I was feeling the effects of the ‘deep chocolate’—that it was supposed to regulate mood, stimulate brain activity—take hold.

I left with my wallet emptied, but mood lifted and feeling better than I had in weeks. Indulgence was certainly not a way of life I could afford all the time, but it was a perfect booster shot for the moments I needed it.

The Art of Feeling Better takes a self care topic each week and explores the how each contributes to making one healthier and happier. Week One explored awareness, Week Two explored connection and adventure. Next week, the author will tackle the the idea of magic in the everyday. Stay tuned!

(Photo: Holly Burns Photography, used with permission)


Author, screenwriter and director, Jessica Fox’s love of stories began at five years old when reality betrayed her and dressing as Superman did not grant her superpowers. Thus a life of play was born. Jessica graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a B.A. in Mythology and Astronomy from Franklin & Marshall College. Currently, she is writing a rom-com with Unlimited Pictures based on her award-winning memoir Three Things You Need to Know About Rockets, directing a Mars documentary with Passion Pictures and is co-developing a family programming series “Never After” featuring Gillian Anderson. Her shorts been featured at U.S. film festivals and she was the band documentarian for the Dresden Dolls. Fox was also a storyteller for NASA and currently satisfies her inner nerd as the Chief Narrative Officer for HiddenGenius and story consults for tech organizations. Connect with her via Facebook.

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