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This week we love…


Okay, so “Netflix & Chill” has gone from meaning chilling on your couch watching movies, to having your crush over for some snuggle time and not watching the movie at all. Whether your Netflix and chill plans are romantic ones, or old-school bingewatching to unwind, here are five snowy weekend-worthy pics:



1. Gilmore Girls


Whether you watched it when it was on, or are seeing it for the first time, Rory and Lorelei will be the single mom and daughter you wish you hung out with when you were in high school. While everyone is angry and clamoring over Making a Murderer, take a break from all the angst and hang out in Stars Hollow for a few hours.

(See also: Parenthood. Though Lauren Graham’s character is much less likable the second time around.)


Or if you prefer salty to sweet, get some snacks and load up…


2. Nurse Jackie


Some of my favorite fictional characters are the most flawed. By the time the series is over, you will either be rooting for Jackie to get her act together—or be hopelessly frustrated with her non-stop poor decision-making. Either way, it’s great writing, phenomenal casting, and a darkly funny and honest look at addiction.

(See also: Sons of Anarchy & Breaking Bad.)


Or if you’d prefer a little fantasy, then maybe…

3. Once Upon a Time


Prepare to escape to the Enchanted Forest, and fall in love with the heroes…and the villains! While new episodes are still airing, the first four seasons are on Netflix. Take all of your childhood fairytales, mix with a bit of humor, add some extra magic, great casting and gorgeous design—and you have Once Upon a Time. Dive in and get a little lost.

(See also: Grimm and Merlin.)


Or if you’re more about reality, and fancy yourself an amateur chef, check out…


4. Chopped

Chopped--Episode 905--Four Champion Chefs Compete for a $50,000 prize--Pictured L to R: Judges- Chefs Marc Murphy, Alex Guarnaschelii, Aaron Sanchez, and Host Ted Allen -- as Seen on Food Network's Chopped Season 9

Warning: watching this show may result in crazy kitchen experimentation and competitiveness! Each episode pits chefs against each other to create best meals with bizarre ingredients—from circus peanuts to durian to Rocky Mountain Oysters. It’s definitely upped the creative energy in our home kitchen and made the kids more interested in trying unusual things. Watch it…and then hit the grocery store to do your own challenge.

(See also: Worst Cooks in America.)


And if what you really want is something funny and familiar to chill with, maybe it’s time to re-watch…

5. Parks and Recreation

Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) - The Walking Dead - Season 4 _ Gallery - Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

Yeah, you saw it and loved it when it was on. It’s just as hilarious the second time around, and perfect for if you’re fighting a cold and in need of a little cheer to boost you through. (And rumor has it that Amy Pohler has a new show coming out soon…this will tide you over in the meanwhile.)

(See also: New Girl, 30 Rock or Community.)


What’s on your must (binge)watch list?



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