Love List: Blossoming in Mid-Winter.

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Finding ways to blossom though the winter is long.


The winter is necessary. It’s the part of our cycle of seasons where we pause, and everything rests. Still, by the end of February, we may start to miss the sun on our skin, the green shoots and leaves. We miss the flowers, and wait for their return.


So how do we feed that need, and find ways to blossom while we wait for spring?


Flower-Infused Honey or Sugar for Baking

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There’s something that feels so special and magical about flowers in cooking, but most of us don’t keep them on hand all the time. Today, I decided to put some roses I received for Valentine’s Day to good use:  I layered the petals—along with some freshly ground cinnamon and cardamom pods—with sugar and will set it aside in the pantry to make a scented sugar scrub or some amazing sugar cookies later.

If you want to infuse honey, Crunchy Betty has some great tips.

(NOTE: If you are making something that you will eat, make sure that you only use flowers that have not been sprayed with pesticides or preservatives.)

Rose-based Skin & Body Care

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Roses have been a popular piece of beauty regimens since way back in Ancient Egypt! Fresh’s Rose facial care is a luxurious way to include them, but rose water products are both inexpensive and easy to make if you’re in the mood for a DIY.

Bach Flower Remedies & Floral Elxirs

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A little mid-winter plant medicine is a perfect way to boost your mood and incorporate flowers into your day. Recently, I tried some wonderful products from our own Artist of the Week, Natalia of Sweet & Sacred. Adding this special elixir to my tea at the end of the day both warmed my heart, and reminded me that spring will be here eventually!


Flowering Teas



Flowering teas can be both refreshing and medicinal. While many floral blends are meant to be cooling, Numi’s Enchanted Blossoms has a number of herbs that will warm body + heart during the last cold days before winter leaves us.

However you decide to add a few blossoms to your day, I hope they lift your mood and remind you that spring will be here before we know it!


What do you love this week?





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