We Are All Perfectly, Imperfect.

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Just be Spring

For most of my life, I fooled myself into believing that there was a magical land known as “Perfection.”

It was a place where people always smiled, put other’s needs in front of their own, never had a bad day and completely ignored the lingering, pervasive calls of the darkness.

In this land of smoke and mirrors, everyone appeared to be happy (emphasis on the word “appeared”).

And then one day, under the weight of unreasonable, uninvited, spirit-drowning expectations, the mirror shattered, and what was left was a thousand pieces of living, breathing, vulnerable, raw, brokenness.

It was beautiful.

It was painful.

It was a new beginning.

An opportunity to gently pick up the pieces and meld them together in a way that felt compassionate, inspiring, aligned with the truest, most unique aspects of myself that had been hidden and silenced for so long.

As I began to put these pieces back together, I noticed that the skin that I wanted to live in didn’t look like everyone else’s. Some of the edges were jagged, some of my scars begged to be seen and the beckoning voices of my shadows implored a place at the table.

And, despite my fear and insecurity, I said yes.

I said yes to embracing every fragile, tender, socially unacceptable, painful, vulnerable, imperfect, aspect of myself.

I said yes to wholeness…and continue saying yes even when it doesn’t make sense and every outside voice is telling me to do/be something different.

Sometimes, I get lost or tired and feel myself drifting back to the familiar land of paper mache appearances and outside dreams, but fortunately, through the process of reconstruction, my inner warrior wakes me up and reminds me to fight for the life I want.

And, I usually listen. Usually.

So, my dears, as spring approaches and we begin feeling the aliveness and promise of new beginnings, are there any pieces of yourselves that need to be readjusted to fit the beautiful and unique aspects of your bodies, minds and spirits?

Are there layers of yourselves that are ready to be shed to make room for the blossoming magic that is rooting from the core of your beings?

If so, let yourselves be infused with the wisdom of the voice that exists within your hearts as we shift into this season of birth and rejuvenation.

Breathe in the breeze as it carries the essence of wildflowers and flowering trees. Feel the sunshine as it gently kisses your winter polished cheeks.

Here’s to being brilliant, magical, imperfectly-perfect, warriors on the quest to creating a life that is truly your own.

There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.

~ Leonard Cohen


With love,

Brandie Smith, Managing Editor


Photo: Jeffrey/Flickr



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