Venus Rising. {Poem} ~ Jaymz Hawkes

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Venus Rising

Her life force is revealing

And she is not a shy being,

At all…

She stands tall

And will not be the fall

Or the sound of a collapse


A warning…

She is the siren,

The tempest,

The wake,

The light



She once trembled

Every hall,

Her face,

Hidden from the shadows

And from the ground.

She stood alone,

In a window frame,





Her face with eyes so green

She is striking.

The beam with

Unparalleled rightful soar.

Her heart is fire

And pure with light,

unseen since before creation.


Unknown before today

and its impeccable decay.

She rises,

As there is no excuse

For the eternal fall.

She is piercing the sky

With a tremendous

Energetic rise.


She is more than a goddess

And she whispers

Not into your ear

As she demands a presence,

As she is the presence

To hear,

To see,

To know.


As for mine is but her face

And is the colour of her design.

Gods are throned

And dethroned,

And the spirit whispers

Nothing more than

Your reality,

Your illusion.


She did not trick you.

You are hers

As she made you

Who you are.


Do not deny her

Or forget,

If you died tonight

She would cradle your head.


Your dread is not hers to decipher.

As opposing the silence

Bemuse us

If frightened

by the light.


Diffuse us.


Of each sun,

Exploding in sight

She is the day and

The night.


Photo: Lauren Treece/Flickr

Jaymz Hawkes 2Jaymz Hawkes is from Melbourne, Australia and breathes ART through every part of being alive in the moment. Unafraid to express, he is humble and writes for clarity and communicates openly to aid in healing—The World. Jaymz believes strongly in Social Justice and he is an advocate for Mental Health awareness. He fights for fairness and mutual understanding in the community health sector. He is a lover of nature and feels perfectly at home under a tree, rolling in the grass and in a field of sunflowers, writing freely about emotional activity in a world he believes, is regaining a deeper interconnectedness and new wave to ride.

He can be found on Instagram and on Facebook.

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