Soul Stirrings. ~ Joel Pelegrina

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Soul Stirrings

Quite often,

I fancy myself

An anti-herd

Spoken word

Broken barrier

Signal carrier.


There is magic in creation, needless to say, whether arranging words in patterns oblique, painting swaths on canvases blank, or strumming strings on instruments worn.

Transcendent moments abound when we indulge in our capacities for artistic expression.

Without this outlet, we wither in our penchant for monotonous routine, slaves to an almighty dollar that often dictates the course of our days, months, years, and lifetimes.

Granted, we obviously can’t live in a perpetual state of creative bliss; our basic biological, physical and social needs must be met, and to that end, we must procure, in whatever fashion suits us, such necessities.

Nevertheless, it is a travesty to make such endeavors the focal point of our existence, snuffing out that divine spark that exists in all of us.

Make the time to nourish those essential stirrings of the soul, the forces that inspire us to revel in our exquisite humanity and share with our kindreds the breadth and depth of our unique perspectives.

I, for example, find Faith in ornate and moonlit coastlines, Hope in scattered crumbs on worn counters and Love in slivers of song structure.

In my humble opinion, the rhythm of the ordinary cannot be underestimated.

It is prevalent in the deepest blues, a fixture aligning the bouquets, the crescent in the coil.

To exist is to coalesce, accepting the essences bequeathed and identities internalized.

The beat of the different drum is always most audible on the level of the subconscious.

March away.


Photo: Jeremy Thomas/Unsplash

Joel PelegrinaOnce enamored with the itinerant life of the wayfarer, Joel Pelegrina now finds himself most at home when wiling away the hours whittling driftwood words into wondrous shapes both exotic and known. Each handcrafted piece is lovingly made, carved with an array of ancient implements equal parts archaic and modern, with methods both traditional and avant-garde. Needless to say, it is not for the flea market or occasional arts & crafts fair for which these relics are made, although in such company they would most perfectly reside; no, these artifacts and totems are meant for more personal locales, in the lofty residences of all those of open mind and gypsy soul, perhaps best placed on the mantels of all the inner sanctums in which we find the most solace.

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