Love List: Awakening Our Inner Howls.

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Howling at the Moon

This week we love…

Finding ways to connect with our inner howl, our awakening wild woman, that voice in the depths of our being that has been hibernating for the past few months.

As Spring finds her way into the fabric of our beings, our bodies are casting off the warm, comfortable blankets of winter and tingling with delight as they stretch and dance into the arms of beckoning sunshine and longer days.

We are feeling the layers shed from our skin and our spirits are craving that shift into lightness of being.

Here are a few ways to stimulate the glorious transition into the days of sunshine and cherry blossoms.

Green Smoothies.

After fueling ourselves with the warming deliciousness of roasted root vegetables and seasonal comfort foods, green smoothies are a great way to stimulate our digestive systems and offer a preview of lighter, summer eating habits.

green smoothies

Recently, I completed a 10-day green smoothie cleanse (consisting of a variety of greens, chia seeds, raw protein powder and a mix of fresh and frozen fruits).

This shift in eating helped my body (and mind) to feel lighter and rejuvenated, leaving space to say “yes” to the calls of the sunshine and the great outdoors.

Gardening & Playing in the Dirt.

There is nothing better than being outside, on our hands and knees, inhaling the myriad of aromas from the healthy soil as the sun showers us with springtime kisses.

Ahhh…doesn’t that sound dreamy.

Digging in the Dirt

When we get down and dirty with nature, we seize the moment to be become part of everything that is happening around us.

We notice the first sprouts as they make their way into existence. We marvel at the insects as they create their cities and plan their survival. We hear every note of the birds as they sing their love songs.

We are reminded of the beautiful, intricate details of life and this reminder fills us with gratitude.

Plus, sometimes it just feels good to have sand on our skin and dirt streaks running down our faces.

Music that Makes Us Dance & Howl.

There are so many songs that can make us dance and connect with our wild sides.

Here is just one example of a song that infuses my heart and makes me want to howl, and it’s aptly named, “Howl at the Moon,” by Phantogram.


Happy howling, dear ones.

Photos: Jessica Polar/Unsplash, abimansoor/pixabay, Benjamin Combs/Unsplash

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