The Siren’s Call. {Poem} ~ Jaymz Hawkes

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Siren's Call

After peeling back

The tiles of a ghost,

A soldier and

A stranded siren,

I was looking into

The light created

By the beam.


It was sheltering me…


And I was curious

As to what was

Beyond the starlight,

Only seconds

Before it all



I sat until I felt


I drank until I knew



I didn’t know


While a beer

Befriended me.


I saw the ghosts

And felt the

Siren’s call.

She was a lady

Dressed in ocean colours.

He was a madman,

Dressed only in my

Stormed horizon.


Only then,

When it threw stones

At my head,

I asked



Rather than all

This thrashing,

Why not stop


The snake’s soul

And troubling

The ghost’s memory

Who knew nothing

At all?


And so,

I stopped

Asking the siren

For a brief

Moment of time,

As the dreams

Of her calling

Were not more

Than my falling

Into my inside

And revealing my soul.


I could do it…




In the end,

The siren was always

A mystery,

Yet her intrigue

And her disguise

Was all that I noticed,

And all that I knew.


She has been

My reason for

Falling in love


Falling apart.


At the moments

I have drowned,

She kissed my


And asked me to

Write it down.


And I have entered

The space.

I walk its grass,

I enjoy its aroma

And I roll

Around in the

Being alive in a

Seconds notice,

As the dreaming

Continues on into the morning

Of a sheltered romance,

And a

Siren’s call.


Photo: Lauren Treece/Flickr


Jaymz Hawkes 2Jaymz Hawkes is from Melbourne, Australia and breathes ART through every part of being alive in the moment. Unafraid to express, he is humble and writes for clarity and communicates openly to aid in healing—The World. Jaymz believes strongly in Social Justice and he is an advocate for Mental Health awareness. He fights for fairness and mutual understanding in the community health sector. He is a lover of nature and feels perfectly at home under a tree, rolling in the grass and in a field of sunflowers, writing freely about emotional activity in a world he believes, is regaining a deeper interconnectedness and new wave to ride.

He can be found on Instagram and on Facebook.

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