The Voice Print of Our Soul. {Poem} ~ Jes Wright

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voice print

The gift of being a poet


in being humble,


owning your voice

as your own voice,


& unlearning

all the mishmash of sounds

pouring out

from others

without taking them as your own,


because your words

have a unique voice print


soaked with experiences & tattooed in your manzanita axe scars

carved when you thought

that your ten-year-old 90 lb girl self could chop off a branch

of a living manzanita

to build her fort,

but the axe bounced back

into your thigh,


a lesson on being careful in your flexibility,

and later

you—as a blonde child with her hair in pigtails—

crawled over a thicket of blossoming manzanitas

in the Sierra foothills

pretending to be an explorer with your little sister,

and those are the sweet parts of your roots


in a language of your own,


the voice print of your soul,


& the task of being a poet,

sitting in the Poet’s Chair

at the City Lights bookstore

where so many great women & men

rocked slowly,

speaking their truths

isn’t one to be taken lightly,


as the task


is to do no harm,

use your words as your words;


and it is to be flexible,

follow the flow of poetry through your veins;


and it is to be humble,

know when the cadence

carries your own heartbeat to the surface,

exposing truths that you rather not see;


and, lastly, but most importantly,


it is to stay curious,

always be open for those sparks of inspiration

caught in the ordinary web of living




this poetry is a gift from the Great Spirit.


Photo: A_Werdan/pixabay

JesWrightJes Wright loves being barefoot, taking deep breaths of orange blossoms while doing yoga,  and finds nature in even the most urban spaces. She is an adventurer, enjoying the acts of painting, writing and playful mindfulness in her mostly uncharted journey between northern California and upstate New York, and back again. Jes holds an MA in Individualized Studies (Creative Nonfiction) from Goddard College where she learned the power of Transformative Language Arts. Currently, she’s working on a novel, a poetry chapbook, and being an ever present diplomat for those with Asperger’s. Her writing may be found at elephant journal and on Facebook. 

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