I am Awake. {Poem} ~ Sean Swaby

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Wake Me Up

Lord, wake me up.

My life is too dim,

And short.

Days are too pale,

And small.

Pages are turned too fast,

And forgotten.


Wake me up to needs,

To hard work,

To pain.

Wake me to what I am here for,

To creation crashing into the crush.


I so f**kin’ wish life were padded,

But it’s so damned prickly.

I create as a way to tell life

To F**K OFF!


I am awake

To the hard work of

Hard love and

Hard stuff.


I embrace today by

Loving the one

Who looks back

From the mirror.


And the One who asks,

“What do you want?”

The One who made

Wine from water

And hope

From blood.


Photo: Joshua Earle/Unsplash

Sean SwabySean Swaby is a writer in the areas of mental health and addiction, family, leadership, and anything that demonstrates the power of story. You can find him on his website and on Facebook.
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