Artist of the Week: Pavita Singh

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Courtesy of Pavita Singh
Courtesy of Pavita Singh

This week, we talked to the beautiful and talented artist, Pavita Singh.

BYMG: How did you get started?

PS: Growing up, I was never really considered an artist. With the exception of writing, which I have been doing my whole life, my love for the creative process and everything artistic hit me only very recently.

When I was in college, I started volunteering with various youth development-based nonprofits. Developing curricula that included creative expression components was a significant aspect of my work. It was here that I began to understand the power of art and storytelling to bring about social change. Though I helped the youth I worked with to discover their creative voices, I still had this impression of myself that I wasn’t an artist.

In graduate school and in my first job, I doodled as a way to stay focused and calm during lectures and meetings. It was during this time that my interest in drawing henna designs piqued. Whenever I gave gifts or wrote cards, I always included my henna designs. The positive responses I got to my designs made me think that maybe I do have some hidden artistic talent.

Courtesy of Pavita Singh
Courtesy of Pavita Singh

The year 2015 was a year of creative awakenings for me.

I got my first job working in the marketing department of a biotechnology startup which enhanced my appreciation for creative work. I also became a member of the Guardian Princess Alliance, a collective of artists and educators that creates storybooks featuring superheroine princesses who protect the people and the planet.

I came across the elephant journal community through Facebook, and was thus surrounded by creative and inspiring energy. One of my friends sent me a flower mandala coloring book as a mindful relaxation tool to help me get through a stressful time in my life. Another friend introduced me to Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way,” a spiritual guide in discovering and recovering your creative self.

In early 2016, yet another friend invited me to accompany her to a PaintNite event—essentially a night out that involves socializing, painting instruction, dinner and drinks. I was amazed at how the atmosphere served to completely unleash the creative spirit. It was my first time painting. Well, my first time since kindergarten anyways. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the experience. I have since been going to more PaintNite events on my own and have cultivated a vast portfolio of paintings.

For me, painting is fun, energizing, and cathartic.

Courtesy of Pavita Singh
Courtesy of Pavita Singh

BYMG: Who or what influences your work?

PS: My amazing PaintNite instructor, Camille Lavezo, is the main influence for my paintings.

BYMG: Do you have a particular time of day that feels the best for you to create? A specific space? Or do you just get to it when and where the mood strikes?

PS: PaintNite events are typically at night in a bar or restaurant. I try to go to one event a week. When I work at home, I get to it when the mood strikes, which is usually at night.

Courtesy of Pavita Singh
Courtesy of Pavita Singh

BYMG: What is your process like? Do you typically finish a piece in one day, or take breaks and come back to it?

PS: Once I get started, I become engrossed in the process and continue until completion. My paintings usually take between two and three hours.

BYMG: Favorite creation so far this year?

PS: It’s hard to choose just one. I like anything with pink in it. I also enjoyed painting the Fairy Willow (pictured below).

Courtesy of Pavita Singh
Courtesy of Pavita Singh

BYMG: Where can our readers connect with you?

PS: I welcome connections on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Instagram. You may also visit my art gallery, Goodness Of My Art, on Etsy. I am also always accessible via email.

Thank you, Pavita, for sharing your art and soul with us.


Pavita SinghPavita Singh—like Audrey Hepburn—believes in pink, in laughing, in kissing (a lot) and in miracles. She is a recent graduate of Yale University, where she received her Master of Public Health. Her passions include mental health, youth development, education, empowerment of girls and women, reproductive health and creative arts. Presently, she is actively involved with a variety of youth-empowerment based organizations. She also writes for elephant journal and The Huffington Post. Pavita has traveled in 20 countries, and she is excited to continue her explorational journey. She enjoys yoga, puzzles, cooking and baking, spending time with her family and friends and telling funny stories. She opened Goodness Of My Art in March 2016.

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