Brief Encounter. {Poem} ~ Jaymz Hawkes

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Brief Encounter

It was seen in the X-ray,

a radioactive stagnant response

and a prediction which scored,

and frightened

and vanished

the consequence.


No responsibility

is ever seen.


No one is accountable

for your actions.


Only the dreamers

attempt to dive

into the ocean,

And while this happens,

will they all survive?


When all I saw

was a traffic jam

cluttering the turnstile

with faces of morbidity,

a saddened relief

all suggesting their

imagined machine

had won them over.


As I look at their faces,

while they are doing

all they can

to secure

a wealth,

a security deposit

and a grand envelope.


All promising,

All encompassing…


That they will be saved

from The End.


I realised,

My Life, is not getting

any worse.




What an arrogant display

of propaganda.

While I’m posting a letter

through the cyber world

to eyes

which scan,

read and…

some might,

feel it.


But, really, what does it mean?


Is it a narcissistic,

developmental mind frame

or is it

just the portal,

A Window,

Opening to a distraction

Near You?


Screening in new dimensions

every second,

we are,

(I am told),

on a collision course

with Saturn.


At the point we are

breaking down

our illusory state

and our deliberate

attempts to stay awake.


It is in their best interests

to stop an awakening.


I’d say,

All is progressing

as Planned.


The body image thing,

it just says to me

that the story

is just a story,

and the


is the brief encounter.


Photo: Comfreak/pixabay

Jaymz Hawkes-Updated bio picJaymz Hawkes is from Melbourne, Australia and he loves to listen Slayer & Nick Cave, PJ Harvey & he is in love Sylvia Plath.

Jaymz breathes ART through every part of being alive in the moment. Unafraid to express, he writes for clarity and communicates openly observing a world so lost inside the NOISE.

Jaymz believes strongly in Social Justice and he is a strong advocate for Mental Health and Environmental Awareness.

Jaymz is a lover of nature and feels pleasantly nurtured under a tree, rolling in the grass and in a naked field with a horizon distant and somewhere facing north, as he is writing freely about emotional activity in a world he believes can continue to regain a deeper interconnectedness and new wave to ride—so long as we do not give up communicating the things that are REAL!!

To find out more about Jaymz, please visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

There is No Room for Pretending!


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