Forever For You. {Poem} ~ Jessinia Ruff

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Forever for You

Is it worth it?

Letting my guard down

Can we do this?

Open up our hearts


Do I keep going?

Giving it my all

What if I fail?

My heart left with scars


Cause mine will keep beating

And yours will keep pulsing.

No matter if our hands are wrapped together

Or if we never meet again.


I’ll be here forever

For you.


Your scent will always linger

As the breeze brushes my skin.

Your words will never be erased

The memories sketched in my mind.


But if you need to go

I want you to know


I’ll be here forever

For you.


Photo: akshay moon/Flickr

Jessinia RuffJessinia Ruff is a lover of taking the pain of life and watching it transform into beauty and strength. A student of global development and writing with hopes of bringing awareness and change to the injustices in the world. She’s an introvert who enjoys walking alone in the city yet thrives in times of laughter and tears with dear friends.

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