Ego Is Not A Dirty Word. {Poem} ~ Jaymz Hawkes

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Metal Wings

As the Windows have closed,

The shutters open

And they bring in

Reigns of Bleeding.


Some are



And occasionally,

Delightful sounds.


But mostly,

It feels like the


The one which

Tempts an evacuation.


My immovable stare,

My momentum

And slowing steps.


(My throbbing madness

Is set to deplete

My resources,


Not without subsequent


And a discrimination imposed).


Insistent on voice

When my throat is swollen

From the air outside.


I stride in my black boots.

It’s 3 am,

I’ve just attended

To another fall.




Annexed by the

Bee sting.


Her glow,

Light and



It feels like she

Is trying to maintain

A system,


And perhaps,

I am no longer


To tend the



Today, I was not here.

I do not know of where I went.


Yet, I awoke

And considerable damage

Was found in my cortex.


It was bleeding.


And so the gifts

Requested by

My third arm.


My inner child.


My inside calling.


My natural state.


These were simultaneously

More of a gesture

Than of a sound.


As those wings

Made from broken cars,

Well, they were metal

And they steamed the Sun

And built my horizon.


Endless and Limitless.


My inner child

Sat confidently

And he asked,


In his description

Symbolically handed across,

So clearly spoken

And delivered,


The requests

Were for a Clown

And a Lion.


“I am a noise

Within a sound,”

He said.


My growth has been



Or is it…



Without a cause.


A new changeling

Is coming inside

To undress me

In a public space.


I am in Control?


Or is that the clue

To why the Sound

Is shedding my skin?


Revealing painful

Momentum and


The Bee Sting’s



With no remorse

The movie is playing

In a time of need


As the ego rises

And dominates,


But not for every

Second I breathe.


Photo: Sabbian Paine/Flickr

Jaymz Hawkes-Updated bio picJaymz Hawkes is from Melbourne, Australia. He loves to listen to BOWIE, Slayer & Nick Cave, and is in love with Sylvia Plath.

Jaymz breathes ART through every part of being alive in the moment. He is Unafraid to express. He writes for clarity and communicates openly observing a world so lost inside the NOISE.

Jaymz believes strongly in Social Justice and he is a Strong Advocate for Mental Health and Environmental Awareness.

Jaymz is a lover of nature and feels pleasantly nurtured under a tree, rolling in the grass and in a naked field with a horizon, distant and somewhere facing north, as he is writing freely about emotional activity in a world he believes can continue to regain a deeper interconnectedness and new wave to ride—So long as we do not give up communicating the things that are REAL!!


To learn more about Jaymz, please visit his website.

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