Etchings. {Poem} ~ Röen Rosenberg

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Angel Heart

I see the etchings on the walls,

full of purpose,

full of meaning,

carved by a steady hand,

embossed with the colors

only a broken heart can produce.


To the naked eye,

this language in stone

is nothing more than scribbles,

the alphabet of a child

only just learning to write.


But to the little angel,

the one who resides in my heart,

these etchings are sacred psalms,

stories of betrayal and beauty,

woven together like a divine tapestry.


I see these stories.

I hear them.


I become them.


I drink them in

like the nectar of the gods.

I take them in,

sweet and tart and bitter,

salty and savory,

all at once.


And I hear the voice,

the voice of the little angel in my heart,

and she says to me,


“Time is like a waterfall:

it rushes and roils,

froths and bubbles,

but never truly stops.”


Photo: Delphine Devos/Flickr

Roen Rosenberg3Roën Rosenberg is a newly-minted 12-year-old who spends her time in the company of what she loves the most: animals (she has seven at home and acts in service of rescuing many others); books (her nose is almost always in one while she carries at least one other is her free hand while two others wait patiently on deck in her backpack); ice cream (Ben & Jerry have her number); Minecraft role-play YouTube series (Aphmau is her jam) and her wonderful imagination.

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