City Lit by Fireflies. {Short Story} ~ Mariam Rehman

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City Lights

Neon heart, day-glow eyes

The city lit by fireflies

They’re advertising in the skies

For people like us

There she was under the expansive sky, dark Black pierced with a myriad of yellow lights in a city lit by fireflies.

There was ambition in the breezes that entangled her soft, brown hair.

Blooming femininity, youth and the ferociousness with which her pen touched paper are expressions of a joy which is ineffable.

They were advertising in the skies, her words dancing in the air.

The city, her words.

It was her words that were moving the city.

Race cars, flash bulbs, where the past blurred, and future glowed.

The present was all there was—all there is.


Photo: mikegi/pixabay

Mariam RehmanApart from being a philosopher, artist, singer, writer and poet—which includes performing, or slamming, her poetry on stage—Mariam Rehman is an avid reader and literature addict seeking joy in the little things in life. Mariam is a girl for who the sky, stars, and constellations are universe’s gemstones. Most importantly, Mariam is a miracle, survivor and a warrior. Mariam is completing her Bachelor’s in Psychology, English Literature and Mass Communication. You can read more of her writing on her blog.



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