Artist of the Week: Kathy Ashley of Holistic Body Basics.

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This week, we had the pleasure of talking to Kathy Ashley of Holistic Body Basics about her amazing holistic skincare products and healing gemstone jewelry line.

BYMG: What was the inspiration behind beginning your business?

KA: It all started with some threatening health issues that began to pile up. Several years ago, I was under a lot of ongoing stress at work, and for years prior I dealt with generalized anxiety that had escalated to severe daily panic attacks, both of which can be very debilitating. I knew I had to get a handle on these problems, and that prescription drugs were not the answer as they had failed me miserably.

As I’ve always had an affinity with nature, I turned there for my answers. After a bit of research I adopted a natural, holistic lifestyle. I intuitively started with a 30-day experiment that included a raw food diet, prayer and meditation, simplification in every aspect of my life and the elimination of toxins wherever I could—including negativity and negative relationships.

This experiment turned out to be the best thing I could have ever done to improve my health and life. As I continued adding more holistic methods and practices to my new lifestyle, I was able to eliminate or greatly reduce all my ailments by dealing with them naturally, and from there achieve extraordinarily good health and happiness.

Today, people in the world are sick and suffering from chronic health issues. Conventional medicine is not helping them to heal; at best they can only hope for ongoing treatment of symptoms without getting to the root of their problem. Throughout my wellness journey, I came to the sad realization that in general, most health issues come from outside stress and unhealthy food, thoughts and lifestyles. My own results were so profound that I decided to further my education at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, so I could educate others and help them get the same phenomenal results.

By this time, I had already stopped using toxic personal care products and turned back to the basics—e.g. aluminum-free baking soda as deodorant, coconut oil as a moisturizer, etc. However, I really missed having a finished product—I wanted purity, safety and effectiveness along with a delicious scent.

Gems & Skin CareActually, not only did I want harmless products, I also wanted products that would promote health and well being. Often times, even the organic companies use questionable ingredients in their products, which I was not comfortable with, so I decided to start making my own.

My organic skincare products were so wonderful and effective that I started selling them to friends and family. I got such rave reviews on everything that I decided to continue my newfound passion in this area of natural health. That was the beginning of Holistic Body Basics.

After starting my holistic skincare business, I developed a keen interest in healing gemstones and crystals, and how they benefit the human body. I loved the concept that these beautiful stones represent what each of us should hold in abundance inside of us. It tied in perfectly with the holistic wellness theme of my business, so of course I wanted to include this in my offers as well. My husband, an expert craftsman and metalsmith who takes great pride in his work, loved the idea and decided to join me in this area of the business. Together we design and create all of our lovely pieces.


BYMG: What does it mean to take a holistic approach to self care?

KA: The holistic approach to self care is basically a natural way of life, where one regularly engages in proven ancient methods and practices for the health and benefit of the whole body.

As the body is made up of various parts and systems, they are all interconnected and should be treated as such. Therefore, it is important to focus on overall wellness as opposed to particular symptoms or problems. The holistic approach is very effective in achieving physical health by working toward a state of balance between body, mind and spirit. Only when this balance is attained may one be truly well.

Using my own past situation as an example, the severe panic attacks I had were only a symptom of a much bigger problem. Stress, combined with a generally toxic lifestyle, lack of proper nutrients and adequate rest, and side effects of prescription medication were the root cause of all my health issues.

Trying to suppress the symptoms with more medication was never going to be the solution, but that was the only answer I could get from mainstream doctors. More medication would also have meant more side effects.

It took a complete overhaul in every aspect of my life in order to see and feel a positive difference.

Now I feel wonderful! My lifestyle is completely different—it includes high quality raw and cooked foods to support my system, periodic cleansing and detoxification, daily prayer and meditation, simplicity in my life, doing work that I love and using only nontoxic household and body products (most of which come from our Holistic Body Basics shop!).

Also anytime we have an ailment around here I always go for natural remedies, and they work fabulously.

BYMG: How do you go about choosing the ingredients for your products?

Body ButterKA: The very highest quality product that will brilliantly meet and exceed expectation is always the goal when it comes to formulating my holistic skincare products, so I go for the highest quality organic ingredients available. 

First I consider the product I want to make, then choose ingredients that will bring the most benefit to the body while also most effectively achieving the desired outcome of the product. I also add extra yummy ingredients simply because of the added health or skin benefits, regardless of whether the product actually needs them in order to work effectively. 

I then search through my list of highly reputable companies, who also share our values, for these ingredients. The containers used for our products are also very important—we use only nontoxic containers that will help preserve and protect the precious ingredients.  

BYMG: Where do you find the gemstones that you integrate into your beautiful and healing pieces?

KA: As is the case with our holistic skincare products, the very highest quality pieces of handmade jewelry is always our goal.

From the metals to the gemstones, every component is health beneficial. Though I don’t share the actual name of the gemstone dealer that we use, many hours of research went into choosing a reputable source for our gemstones and other materials.

We use only natural stones that have not been chemically altered, so the most important thing was to find an honest and trustworthy company with knowledgeable staff whom we could trust to meet our needs. Beautiful, natural gemstones that are high quality in cut and color are top priority.

BYMG: What is the big message that you want people to take away from your company and products?

KA: We are living in a world today where we are bombarded with dangerous toxins. They are everywhere—pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, plastics, toxic personal care, household and cleaning products and much more.

Chronic disease is rampant as the burden on our bodies is now more than it has ever been, and why it is so important to be proactive about our own health. Make it a point to be an informed consumer, and to know what is really healthy to consume, and what are really irritants that could cause a wide range of uncomfortable symptoms.

We all deserve to enjoy the very best of health and life, and we can!  The way to do that is basically to lessen the toxic load as much as possible, while at the same time introducing naturally healthy components to supercharge our health and wellness—that’s what our company is all about.

The health benefits from making these changes is nothing short of phenomenal. The human body can heal and is designed to thrive, if it is only given what it needs.


GemstonesBYMG: Favorite creation so far this year?

KA: Oh goodness, it’s got to be our line of Chakra Jewelry that we added at the first of the year.

Completely designed and created by us, we have been very excited about these beautiful pieces—we wanted to showcase these gorgeous stones in their best light, and also give their owners a favorite piece that they will love wearing for years and years to come.


The stones are securely set on top of a heavy sterling silver backing plate, surrounded by a thick bezel made of fine silver. The associated chakra symbol is hand-cut into the silver backing plate, revealing the bottom of the stone which is visible from the underside of the ring. The ring shank is made of 8 gauge sterling silver. These pieces are so special and meaningful; as I mentioned before, they represent exactly what each of us should hold in abundance inside of us.

Favorite gem creation

BYMG: Is there anything else that you’d like to share with us regarding your business?

KA: Yes! Aside from our organic holistic skincare and gemstone jewelry, and to further help people gain amazing health, we also have an informative Lifestyle Blog. Here you will find in-depth articles to assist with diet, healthy foods and recipes, a healthy home environment, quality longevity and much more.

I also publish a newsletter where subscribers will enjoy a FREE 6 month health coaching program, product sales and specials, informative health information and DIYs and much more. Everyone’s contact information is kept safe and secure.

BYMG: Where can our readers connect with you?

KA: Anyone is welcome to visit our website, Holistic Body Basics, at We would love to connect via social media also, and those links are available on our website. Please direct all inquiries to

Thank you, Kathy, for creating healthy and healing products to help us all live are best lives.


Kathy AshleyKathy Ashley is the owner/creator of Holistic Body Basics, a company that develops and creates high-end holistic personal care products and gemstone jewelry. Her company began with the personal need and desire to use high quality body products that are free of synthetics and chemicals. She is an avid nature and animal lover who firmly believes that all we really need to thrive in health and life is found in nature; that utilizing natural foods, plant-based nutrition, effective holistic practices and their line of holistic body products will result in a natural and effective cleansing, detoxification and healing process. She publishes an informative lifestyle blog and newsletter to help people heal themselves and gain amazing health.

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