Arrival of a Dream. {Poem} ~ Jaymz Hawkes

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Arrival of a Dream

I recall a scent,

A found




I will always


Every incident

Which caused my heart

To love you.



The Universe opens

When breath becomes silent,

And eyes are glistened

By billions of radiant stars,

Washing the sky

With coloured

Stream of sight.




Books are written

By our eyes,

Of our journey

Into the station,


From central station


To a certain kind

Of sound.



I remember now,

You were here

At my birth,

You were there

At my death.


And you were here

In other

Parts of my



How could I not know?


Yet I had to walk that line,

frighten that ghost

And come back



It was to remember

The minute

Which time


And discern

The second

Which belated our scene



I feel my legs

Are working again.

My right arm

Is not sleeping



My eyes are seeing

And walking

And climbing

The walls.


And now,

I cannot

Look away


(Even if I wanted to.)


To stay in an

empty room?


Why would

I want to stay

In this room?



In black.


Without you.


The cans

Of memory

Are in the

Back corner

Of the pantry,

On the




I opened

This door.


I had the key

In my hand.


All I see is an


A Forest

And a


With a view

And a Sound

To Keep.


It is You.


Photo: carmen fiano/Flickr

Jaymz Hawkes 2Jaymz Hawkes is from Melbourne, Australia and breathes ART through every part of being alive in the moment. Unafraid to express, he is humble and writes for clarity and communicates openly to aid in healing—The World. Jaymz believes strongly in Social Justice and he is an advocate for Mental Health awareness. He fights for fairness and mutual understanding in the community health sector. He is a lover of nature and feels perfectly at home under a tree, rolling in the grass and in a field of sunflowers, writing freely about emotional activity in a world he believes, is regaining a deeper interconnectedness and new wave to ride.

He can be found on Instagram and on Facebook.


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